Drone Surveying ROI Calculator—How Much Time and Money Can You Save?

Calculating the return on investment of new technology tools can be hard for businesses big and small in the civil construction and resources sector.

But knowing this number to benchmark decisions and pitch the new idea to higher-ups is vital. When you’re starting up—or expanding—a drone program on site, having ROI numbers to make your case is a powerful edge.


That’s why we’ve designed a drone surveying ROI Calculator.


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It’s free to access and use, and it will tell you how much possible ROI you’d gain when you switch to drone surveying for your construction site, mine, quarry, or landfill. This simple calculator can be used by anyone, and only requires a few data fields about your current operations.


Many companies have found that drone surveying has improved their ROI:

  • “[Using drones] means we can do the surveys a lot more frequently and then we can take corrective actions more quickly than previously,” said John Jones of Suez Australia.  Read the full story here.
  • “Being able to do drone surveys with Propeller means we’re validating the stock on ground regularly and in real time. This allows teams on site to adjust the algorithm that dictates reported production rates,” said Craig Burr of Boral. Read the full story here.

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  • Cheshire Contractors has already seen a positive ROI in the preconstruction phase. They’ve saved a significant amount of time and money by using Propeller. So far, the numbers are adding up to 20 days of ground survey time.  Read the full story here.
  • “With Propeller’s AeroPoints ground control hardware, and drone-mapping and analytics software platform, we’re able to fly the entire site in just half a day, so it’s saving us two and a half days of boots on the ground,” said Jonathan Lange of Lange Land Surveys. Read more about his story.


Calculate your potential ROI now 


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