Earthwork Industry News Roundup: June 2019

To keep you current on the news this month, we’re sharing a roundup covering new events and trends in the construction, mining, aggregates, and waste management industries.

As June wraps up, we’ve been seeing impending infrastructure needs in the US; the importance of construction progress tracking and how to start doing it; and how artificial intelligence can predict site accidents and improve safety.

Earthwork aerial of construction site

Here’s what you should know:


Analysts: Infrastructure, modularization, resiliency top industry drivers from Construction Dive

“Approaching the halfway mark of the year, the commercial construction industry is strong, staving off any premature cooling before an impending economic downturn and integrating innovation in relatively slow but steady measures all the time. But what do experts anticipate for the rest of the year and going into next? . . .”


A Game Plan for Real-time Construction Progress Tracking from PlanGrid

“Today, let’s start with a little thought exercise. Cast your memory back to the last time you wanted to make meaningful change. Did you take the approach of setting hard goals, tracking them using tools and strategies, checking in frequently and reporting on your progress to a person or group that supported you? . . .”


Artificial intelligence sees construction site accidents before they happen from MIT Technology Review

“A construction site is a dangerous place to work, with a fatal accident rate five times higher than that of any other industry. Now a number of big construction companies are testing technology that could save lives, and money, by predicting when accidents will happen. . . .”


More construction firms see the value of lean from Construction Dive

“With productivity rates at the bottom of the charts, the construction industry may be a little too comfortable with waste in the many forms it can take — overlapping workflows, underutilization of talent, overproduction of materials and more. Small inefficiencies that go unnoticed for a long period of time can add up and cause schedule setbacks and project increases, some argue, a bit like the boiling frog scenario. . . .”


What Has to Change to Optimize VDC? from

“Today, project owners and stakeholders seek to optimize virtual design and construction (VDC) in order to maximize its latest benefits for their project. The benefits of VDC if properly implemented not only scrutinize estimates and reduce time through synthesizing efficient design and fabrication coordination, but also render cost certainty to maximize return on investment (ROI). . . .”

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