Earthwork Industry News Roundup: March 2019

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Here’s what you need to know:

In March, construction growth continues, specifically in the nonresidential sector, but a struggle to fill the labor shortage persists for a majority of companies. Many firms are releasing their industry forecasts, with predictions for the industry and geospatial technology, one of which is technology disruption. Also, March 21 was Global Surveyors’ Day.

Commercial construction site overhead

Digitalizing The Construction Industry: A Case Study in Complex Disruption from Deloitte (long read)

“The global construction industry is a massive enterprise, with aggregate sales of more than €1,098,569 million and a market capitalization of almost €501,948 million in 2017. Like firms in many other industries, builders are wary of “disruptive technologies”: technologies whose adoption significantly changes the way businesses, or entire industries, operate. 3D printing, to pick one example, has been promoted as a potential disruptor in construction. . . .”

70% of Contractors Struggling to Meet Deadlines as Labor Shortage Persists from Contractor Magazine

“Results from the Q1 2019 USG Corporation + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index indicate the labor shortage continues to pose major challenges to the industry, causing firms to ask skilled workers to do more work (81%), struggle to meet deadlines (70%), increase costs for new work (63%), and reject new projects (40%). . . .”

Wells Fargo: Nonresidential Construction Industry Growth Continues from Construction Dive

“A healthy level of optimism on the part of construction executives, or among leaders in any industry for that matter, is very telling. They are ‘on the ground’ running their businesses and are in a position to see early signs of a downturn. But, for now, the nonresidential construction industry is enjoying good news for the eighth year in a row, according to the 2019 Wells Fargo Construction Industry Forecast. . . .”


Download cut and fill calculations in drone surveying guide


Hard-Learned Lessons in Drone Photogrammetry from Point of Beginning

“As more land surveyors use drones as part of their daily work, they are finding themselves having to learn the ropes of photogrammetry. Having done data processing for thousands of drone survey projects, we have learned the hard way why photogrammetry is a PhD-level science. We have banged our heads against every wall there is and learned some essential lessons that we now apply to every project we work on. . . .”

All Girls’ School Students More Interested in Construction Careers from The Sydney Morning Herald

“New research has found that most females who are offered enrollment in construction degrees have been to all-girls high schools. The research also found when school girls think about the construction industry, many think of lollipop traffic controller signs and brick laying, despite the industry offering careers in engineering, surveying, architecture and design. . . .”


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