Earthwork Industry News Roundup: September 2019

The earthwork scene is constantly shapeshifting, introducing more efficient ways to tackle age-old pain points. This month we’re coming at you with the latest and greatest trends in the construction, mining, aggregates, and waste management landscapes. 

Landfill of depleted ore

With September coming to a close, everyone is feeling the pressure to modernize as new use cases and opportunities for improvement emerge.  

The increasing number of success stories has ignited a wave of adoption, and with that adoption we’re seeing fewer information silos and greater productivity on worksites around the world. 

In the news, it’s everything from long-term technological investments to self-driving construction equipment. 

Here’s what you need to know: 


Decoding digital transformation in construction 

from McKinsey & Company 

The difficulties are understandable. The typical construction project involves a multitude of independent subcontractors and suppliers, which have little incentive to embrace new methods during the brief periods when they are on the job. Projects vary greatly, so E&C companies often struggle to develop tools and methods they can apply repeatedly. Limited R&D budgets prevent E&C businesses from spending as much on digital as companies in other sectors do. And construction work often takes place in remote, harsh environments that are not well suited to hardware and software developed for the office. It is no wonder, then, that many E&C businesses end up with little to show for their technology investments. . . ”  


Built Robotics raises $33M for its self-driving construction equipment

from TechCrunch 

“Rather than building its own vehicles, Built focuses on converting the popular construction equipment that’s already out there. They sell a kit that straps to the top of things like excavators, bulldozers and skid steers, taking tech like lidar, GPS and Wi-Fi and meshing them into the machine’s innards to give it autonomous smarts. They sell the conversion boxes to other companies, help them get installed, then charge a usage fee. . . .” 


Myth Busting: Will technology create more mining jobs? 

from Business News 

“There remains a perception that robots will take over our jobs in the mining industry. Our research commissioned by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA), clearly demonstrates this is wrong. Technology adoption will lead to more jobs. The mining industry is focused on taking advantage of the opportunities technology presents and busting that myth, but there is more work to do. Technology will deliver improvements in productivity, safety. . . .” 


It’s Time to Modernize Your Construction Operations

from For Construction Pros 

“We all know how time consuming it is to run a construction company. From estimating and bidding to payroll and budgeting, it takes a lot of energy to keep things moving efficiently. Over the years, technology has been developed to help streamline these processes and improve construction productivity, but many contractors have been reluctant to try anything. . . .” 


Astronauts make concrete in space for the first time

from CNN 

Astronauts on the station often share beautiful images and time lapses they capture from their unique vantage point 220 miles above the Earth. But they’re also working on hundreds of experiments on the floating laboratory every day. One recent experiment included mixing an aqueous solution with tricalcium silicate for the first time. . . .”


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