Earthwork Industry News Roundup: February 2019

We’re sharing a roundup covering news and trends in the construction, mining, aggregates, and waste management industries every month to keep you up to date.

As February wraps up, we’ve been seeing talk of construction innovation, growth, and challenges, along with the growing and changing market in Europe and investment in construction tech.

earthworks industry news

Here’s what you need to know:


Technology and the changing construction market from Emerging Europe

“Drones and 3D printing can radically reduce the cost of construction. But sensible government legislation, as well as a change in the attitudes of the public, are needed before we can all benefit from new technology. . . .”

Construction sector innovation plays from

“The rise of digital technology in the Australian construction sector is bringing about a wave of change that is both challenging and beneficial. In addition to improving efficiencies and safety across the industry, new platforms are changing relationship dynamics on work sites. . . .”

Increasingly tech-enabled construction industry powers forward despite volatility from Building Design + Construction

“Strong construction momentum will easily carry through the first half of 2019, despite project margins facing pressure from all sides. JLL’s Construction Outlook finds robust U.S. economic fundamentals will drive further growth of the sector, which in 2018 recorded a 5.1% increase in total construction value and a 4.5% increase in employment. Potential risks to the construction sector . . .”

Investor momentum builds for construction tech from TechCrunch

“Historically, the multi-trillion-dollar sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, as builders rely on a variety of disparate systems to manage projects, traditional building methods to construct homes and non-smart materials. . . .”


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