Industry News Roundup: October

Every two weeks, we’ll share a roundup covering news and trends in the construction, mining, aggregates, and waste management industries.

As we go into October, we’ve been seeing more widespread coverage on the efficacy and many application of drone, from how they can help keep projects running on time and under budget to how they’re changing industry best practices.  

construction technology news

Here’s what you should know:

Drones—keeping construction projects on time and under budget from Construction Global

“Research conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics and McKinsey & Company recently identified keeping a project on schedule and cost control as the two most highly valued performance metrics for owners in construction. However, the same data reveals 53% of typical construction projects are completed behind schedule and. . .”

Drones: The Next Big Technological Rumble in Construction Industry from CIO Review

“Construction has never been visibly progressive, but the industry is changing, riding the digital wave. Drones are now one of the numerous innovative technologies that are transforming the construction process. Businesses have fortified their infrastructure and have revamped their business operations utilizing advanced data analytics and images captured by drones . . .”

Why You Should Be Investing In Drone Technology Now Not Later from Forbes

“Drones have, as with most technologies, a wide spectrum of usefulness. What one uses to pick fruit, another will use to kill a human being. Companies are increasingly looking to drone technology to solve big and small problems but what does the future hold for this helpful and lethal technology? . . .”

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