Optimize Earthwork Planning and Reporting with Instant Cut/Fill Maps

Accurate earthwork analysis and reporting is central to success in civil contracting, no matter how large or small the project.

Getting the accurate data you need can be limited by access to site, surveying resources, safety restrictions, or changes on site between the survey and the job starting. This is where cut/fill maps come in. With instant cut/fill calculations and visuals, you can get the numbers you need fast.

Using the Polygon measurement tool in the Propeller Platform to create dynamic cut/fill maps. All you need to do is mark out the area you are analyzing, select what you want to compare against (e.g., Design File, previous survey or Reference Level) and then click on the heat map icon. This will generate a map displaying each area above as cut and below as fill.

You can configure it to highlight those areas with the largest amounts to cut or fill (e.g., anything +/- 5m from design can be highlighted in deep red).

Hover over any point in the cut/fill map to see its individual cut or fill value, and turn on cut/fill contour lines for closer inspection. Here’s an example:

cut and fill map
Instant cut/fill map generated using the Propeller Platform. The top figure is the design height, middle shows the amount of fill and bottom figure is the current surveyed height.

Aside from the obvious benefit of generating more accurate and timely invoices, helping your cash flow by getting paid more quickly, combining the cut/fill map with regular survey flights is a great tool for tracking progress against schedule, ensuring you are paying only for what has been moved or removed.

With a drone and Propeller, you can now capture data on a typical site in under an hour, putting accurate cut/fill (takeoff) maps and topo surveys directly into the hands of anyone who needs it. This is truly a game changer for civil contractors.


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