Monthly Reconciliations Made Easy With Drone Data

Reporting. Many site managers will tell you it’s the bane of their existence.

Getting accurate stockpile volumes to complete year-end reconciliations can be a fiddly and time-consuming task. It often takes days for traditional surveyors to measure the amount extracted from the pit. The cost and time involved in conducting those surveys makes daily, weekly, and even monthly planning out of the question for most quarries.

But what if there was a better option? With UAV surveying and Propeller’s cloud-based site intelligence platform, mine and quarry managers can measure stockpiles, calculate tonnage, and complete their month-end reconciliations in minutes, not days. Even better, they can do this from the comfort of their desks and with just a few clicks of their mouse.

More frequent surveying gives managers greater control over their sites, ensuring that the tonnage expected is the tonnage extracted.


How much has been extracted from the pit?

On Propeller’s platform, you can easily calculate the pit volume by using the volume tool. Keep close to the boundary of the pit for the most accurate measurements.

measuring pit volume

Once you’ve created the pit volume shape, you’ll want to “promote it to site level.” This means that you can use the exact measurement during next month’s reconciliation process. To do this, click on the star next to the pit volume in the list of annotations.

promote to site level

Propeller makes it easy to compare volumes over time. Whether you’re calculating the amount extracted since your baseline survey or the amount extracted since last month, the volume compare tool accurately measures the cut, fill, and net.

pit volume compare using drone data


How much is currently in your stockpiles?

The volume tool also helps with calculating stockpile volumes. With several mouse clicks, you can calculate a day’s survey measurements, down to your smallest slag pile. Export this list into a CSV file for easy total volumes, densities, and tonnage.

density and tonnage of stockpiles


Where was the volume extracted from?

Propeller has developed a few great tools for quickly seeing where material was moved from. Use the Heatmap option when viewing your pit volume or stockpile volume to visually understand how the material has moved on the site.

site heatmap for reconciliations

The cross section tool also shows how the surface on the bottom of the pit has changed over time.

cross section survey example


Terrain editing CTA



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