Propeller GPS Corrections Network Expands in Norway and Denmark

If you’re one of the many people who use AeroPoints—either with traditional drone surveying or the Propeller PPK solution—in Europe to establish reliable ground control for your drone surveys, you’ve probably heard of the Propeller Corrections Network.

The Propeller Corrections Network covers many countries and regions across the world, and it’s always expanding. With Propeller’s recent company expansion into Europe, we’ve been especially working on extending coverage to the Nordic states.

GPS Corrections network Denmark


More coverage for Norway and Denmark

Thanks to recent network expansions, today we’re happy to announce you get more coverage in Scandinavia than ever before.

The GIFs above shows the newly covered areas, including significant expansions for Norway and Denmark. This means more and more people are getting their AeroPoints data corrected automatically and benefiting from the smoothest workflow for ground control.

While AeroPoints work anywhere in the world where there’s sky and solid ground, should your site be outside the Network, you had to use different methods for corrections and thus survey-grade accuracy.


Other options for correcting AeroPoints data

These alternative AeroPoint corrections options ranged. The most popular are using your own corrections or a known mark on site.

When using your own corrections, simply provide us with RINEX formatted GNSS observations for the period of your survey. We use that as the reference point.

Using an AeroPoint as a base station on a known mark means you place an AeroPoint at a known survey mark or benchmark location on your site, activating it for your survey.


How does the Propeller Corrections Network work?

The Propeller Corrections Network uses existing infrastructure, operating on public and private networks of continuously operating reference stations.

For this area of Europe, we use the NTM network along with a number of others. The networks comprising coverage change based on the country in which you’re located, as each region runs these networks of continuously operating reference stations differently.

The yearly Network access fee goes to maintaining those myriad networks and supporting the process of pulling all the data needed after each survey is flown—which is a pain to do manually on your own—automatically.  

What to learn more about AeroPoints? Visit our product page or contact us today.

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