Stockpile Reporting and Collaboration Using Drones

stockpile measurements

We’ve written the tools and methods of stockpile measurement and how it works, but once you have your numbers in hand, what happens next? You need to be able to report out on them easily. It does no good to have a bunch of data you cannot use and share.

When it comes to reporting on your stockpiles, you want to look for software that enables easy, automated report creation. And make sure its reporting capabilities include all the report types you actually use in your day-to-day job.

No matter how often you report out on your stock, you want to be able to pull those reports without too much hassle, and have them in the file formats you need. Look for software that provides a range of download options, and allows you to export your raw data.

For the Propeller Platform, in addition to numerous file format outputs, there are both PDF and CSV options for inventory reporting. Each take only three steps to create and download.

CSV reports include:

  • Name, description, and any material properties.
  • All measurement quantities based on how you created the measurement.
  • A link to each individual to do stockpile reporting

PDF reports include:
stockpile measurements

  • Name, description, and any material properties.
  • All measurement quantities based on how you created the  measurement.
  • Full orthophoto of the site.
  • Image of each measurement, including the outline.
  • A link to each individual measurement.

And if you’ve added those monetary values to your material, the stockpile’s value will also be listed in these reports for each individual pile.

Sharing your reporting with stakeholders

Sharing should likewise be simple and straightforward. Propeller allows you to share your site with others through the Platform itself. All you need is an email address. You can set up permissions at a granular level for individuals or teams—from view-only to administrator.

But if you just want to share a single stockpile measurement with someone on your team or your boss, you can share those via link. Through email, chat, etc., the recipient simply clicks on the URL and it opens your site to show the measurement selected and the camera focused on that pile.

For more information on how to use your drone data, check out our suite of ebooks on drone data analytics.


Stockpile reporting benefits

1. Better financial forecasting

When it comes down to it, processing platforms like Propeller allow you to accurately measure your stockpiles.

The benefits of that trickle down to even the smallest parts of your operations. Having that accurate information on hand, and shareable, lets you do better financial forecasting. No more “fluff factor” in your inventory reporting.

2. Tighter supply-chain management

Knowing what you actually have on your site also allows you to tighten up supply-chain management.

See when you need more stock and how much. If you’re your own supplier, you can plan out when you need to start drilling and blasting. If you use an external supplier you can plan out purchases and budget better. Don’t be surprised by a big order again.

3. See how much your inventory is worth

And with material property calculators built in, all the reporting you already need to complete can now show you the actual dollar value of your piles—or the money sitting in your whole stockyard. See just how much your inventory is worth with every single survey.


stockpile measurement reporting


Measuring and managing your stockpiles with a drone is faster, more affordable, and accurate

With all the advancements in drone surveying over the past few years, the drone has become more than a novelty, more than a tool—it’s become a profit generator.

Today, surveying your stockpiles by drone is quickly becoming the industry standard when it comes to measuring and reporting on your stock.

Because you can count on accurate, exact numbers on your stockpiles and get them more frequently than ever before, you can tighten up operations from financial forecasting to supply-chain management to accurate reconciliation.

These things aren’t feasible with traditional tools, but with drone surveying “fluff factors” and  “eyeballing it” in inventory management can be a thing of the past.

Download our ebook on stockpile measurement and reporting to learn more.

Stockpile measurement and reporting guide


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