Trimble Dimensions 2018 Event Roundup

This year the Propeller Team was on site at Trimble Dimensions with our partner Trimble, promoting Trimble Stratus and other products. This was a massive event with more talks, activities, and booths than you could easily see.

Trimble Dimensions is a conference held every two years. It draws in Trimble customers from around the world. Not only was North America represented well, but a large number of Central and South American, European, African, and APAC attendees were there, as well.

For those we saw there and those who couldn’t attend this year, we wanted to give you our top three takeaways from the event.


  1. The Future Is Now

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Everyone was excited and curious about the new Propeller PPK solution. Even two years ago, we were having people ask questions about the reliability and accuracy of drones in general, now the same individuals are asking about how to improve their drone surveying workflows on site.

People were truly impressed, and some downright surprised, by the level of accuracy we could get with the RTK drone with one AeroPoint.

The Propeller PPK solution takes the hassle out of traditional drone surveying and simplifies your workflow to three easy steps: place your AeroPoint, fly your drone, and view your data—data that’s accurate down to 1/10ft.

Another big topic at the conference was intelligent worksite automation. Timble had a fully automated dozer at their Off-Site Expo (we’ll talk more about that below), which was a highlight of the event for nearly everyone we spoke to. Seeing that in person brought home the idea that this technology is accessible to worksites now, that it works, and that it could make a big impact on labor costs without compromising safety.  Basically, people seem more ready to adopt this kind of technology themselves.

2. The Event is Unlike Anything Else

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There’s no replacing face-to-face interaction

We got to meet numerous partners, dealers, and customers. We were in a shared booth with Trimble Business Center and VisionLink and it stayed busy throughout the show, especially our Trimble Stratus station.

People got to learn more about Trimble Stratus and the Propeller PPK solution using DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK drone.

Not only did we see some familiar faces in Trimble employees and SITECHs we knew, but we got to meet many new people from industry leaders from Europe to landfill operators to gold miners from Latin America.

Propeller is an international company, with a recent expansion into Europe, so we do a lot of business remotely, seeing our customers in person seldomly. This was an unparalleled opportunity to meet people face-to-face.

Trimble expo 2018

Trimble Offsite Expo

As great as it was to be in the convention center, the machine control demo site was out-of-this-world. It let everyone get hands-on experience with all of the technology Trimble was showcasing at the conference, including Trimble Stratus. Basically, Dimensions is the place to be with first-of-its-kind tech.

It made for great photos, and anyone remotely familiar with Trimble would have had their LinkedIn feed flooded with content from the Expo. The fully autonomous dozer was particularly popular.

The Propeller team was set up in computer labs right next to the lunch tent and drop-off point. We held great sessions of the three days of the conference, run by Trimble’s Jim Greenberg and Propeller’s Rory San Miguel and Shaun MacIntosh. Every participant had a computer and was able to login to Trimble Stratus using Trimble Connect and get familiar with the software and the measurement and analysis tools.


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3. Top-Notch Educational Opportunity

There were so many amazing presentations over the entire convention. It was impossible to see them all.

A few covered Trimble Stratus in particular, like How to Kickstart a Drone Program on you Worksite (if you missed this, we recommend downloading our ebook on the same topic); The Cost of Not Knowing: How an Ineffective or Nonexistent Drone Program Could Be Costing You Money; and The Challenges and Successes of Implementing a Trimble Stratus Drone Program to name a few.

Closing Keynote: Make Failure Your Fuel


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The closing keynote speech was given by Sarah Robb O’Hagan. She is an executive and entrepreneur, currently serving as the CEO of fast-growing indoor cycling company Flywheel Sports.

For this talk, she drew on her decades of experience at some of the world’s most influential brands, sharing practical takeaways like how to discover your most competitive playing field, why you should get out of line rather than always following conventional wisdom, and how to bring out the “extreme” in others.

O’Hagan’s closing keynote left us fueled up and ready to jump back into our work after the convention.  She spoke on many powerful themes. Some of which we thought were particularly interesting were: make failure your fuel; play your specialist game; change the game; and bring out the extreme in you.  

Whether or not you could make 2018’s event, mark your calendar for Trimble Dimensions 2020 is in Nashville, Tennessee, November 2–4. We’ll see you there!


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