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Measure and manage your construction site using visual tools based on drone data.

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Civil construction professionals are recognising the benefits of using drone data as a convenient and affordable way to improve their estimating, designing, progress tracking and reporting.

Having the full picture of your worksite at every stage of the project is critical for running an efficient construction operation. Propeller empowers onsite teams to capture their own topos, generate cut and fill maps, track project progress against the design, measure volumes, distances, grades and heights at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional ground surveys.

estimate volume on construction projects

Estimate faster, cheaper and safer

Know what you’re quoting. Conduct your own site surveys before the job begins, and whenever changes occur. With a simple yet powerful browser app by Propeller, your team can perform quick volume calculations of material moved for contract conformance and payment.

road construction cross section-design check

Keep your project under control

Upload your design files to Propeller and compare them against the actual surface to ensure your project is on the right track. Instantly generate cut and fill maps to plan grading works. Enable multiple stakeholders track progress visually by comparing multiple data sets over time.

Propeller Aero annotation and collaboration for waste management

Improve reporting and communication

Propeller makes weekly and monthly reporting easy by offering easy-to-use tools for measuring, annotating and generating PDF or CSV reports to share with multiple contractors and stakeholders. No more silos; your data is consolidated in one place and everyone is working from the same page.

Drone image from a construction site survey

Drones in Construction: Workflows That Benefit from Drone Data

The demand for drone technology in the construction industry is increasing over the last few years. However we discovered that not every construction site and not every project stage can use drone data to its full potential. In this article we defined some real construction workflows that can be improved with drones and Propeller.

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Drones Changing The Game For Topographic Surveying

Civil contractors are among the earliest adopters of drone technology, and they admit that drone-captured data has given them a quicker, easier and safer way to produce digital terrain models and aerial sitemaps than the methods they used before.

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