Drone Solutions for Construction

Effective and accurate site surveys and overall progress monitoring

Construction professionals are recognising the benefits of using drones to create and share accurate visual data at all stages of projects, from initial site surveys, access planning, volume and area measurements, progress reports.

If you are planning to use or already using drones to improve your operations, you need to ensure that the data you are delivering meets the exacting quality standards expected by your enterprise and customers.

Propeller Aero makes drone data enterprise and survey grade, providing you and your project stakeholders with rich and highly accurate visualisations for improved decision making and collaboration.

Combining AeroPoints ground control with the Propeller Platform generates survey data with such high internal and external accuracy that you can overlay aerial data with design files and other spatial data.


Fast and accurate Site Surveys

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) professionals are using Propeller to reduce the time taken to prepare a site for construction by using drones to survey the site much faster and cheaper than using traditional survey equipment and methods.

The Propeller Platform processes drone data into highly accurate visualizations that you can use for a range of initial site tasks, such as estimating slope grade or measuring earthmoving volumes, using our intuitive web app or exported into your own CAD, BIM or GIS software.


Monitor and communicate progress

Construction Project Managers are finding they need to spend less time travelling to work sites and more time actually managing projects, by using Propeller to remotely keep an eye on the progress overall and in detail.

Improve contributor and stakeholder collaboration by sharing data to anyone with an internet connection, or creating reports in PDF format.


Compare As-Built with design

Improve subcontractor compliance by creating accurate before-and-after surveys of construction, earth-moving or other work to create visual audit trails for highly accurate comparisons against design and bid documentation.

Drone image from a construction site survey

Drones in Construction: Workflows That Benefit from Drone Data

The demand for drone technology in the construction industry is increasing over the last few years. However we discovered that not every construction site and not every project stage can use drone data to its full potential. In this article we defined some real construction workflows that can be improved with drones and Propeller.

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