Drone solutions for construction

Measure and manage your construction site using visual tools based on drone data.

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Using drone data and the Propeller Platform in civil construction to track job progress, monitor quality, and resolve disputes easier, saves you time and money when compared to traditional survey methods.

Establish accurate, reliable ground control easily with our AeroPoints. Know your progress against design in a few clicks. Capture your own topos. Generate cut and fill maps. Measure distances, grades, and heights in a fraction of the time. Use your 3D survey to have a visual conversation with your team. Collaborate and report using Propeller as your single source of truth.

stockpiles volume measurement construction

Never move someone else’s dirt again

Know who’s moved what and when. Conduct your own site surveys before the job begins, and whenever changes occur. You can perform quick volume calculations of material moved for contract conformance and payment—and keep a paper trail for any disputes.

cut/fill map

Keep your project on track and on budget

Track job progress and productivity against design. Spot and address problems before they become expensive. Instantly generate cut and fill maps to plan grading works. See progress visually by comparing multiple datasets over time.

Share construction site reports

Improve sharing and reporting

Propeller makes reporting and collaboration easy and accurate. No more silos. It’s your single source of truth, with records of all flights, uploads, and measurements. Generate PDF or CSV reports to share with contractors and stakeholders.

Free Ebook: Drone Data Analytics for Construction

Learn how Propeller’s drone data analytics solutions can streamline workflows to save time and money by closing the information gap between you and your construction site.

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Construction Site Manager’s Guide to Drones

If you are managing a construction site and thinking of using drones, check out our construction-specific guide, covering both the hardware and the software you need for success.

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Using drone on a construction site
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The Propeller PPK Solution

Get accurate, verifiable survey data for your construction site, minus the hassle and expense

“The Propeller PPK workflow offers us the most reliable and accurate data. The online portal allows our teams to view, download, and measure the surfaces. Our estimators can export the surfaces into their takeoff software while our superintendents can get a stockpile measurement in just a few minutes.”

Keith Taylor, PPK Customer and Survey Manager at D.H. Griffin Companies

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