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Daily Volumes on Demand

Improve daily productivity tracking with survey-grade machine sensors

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Drive productivity at every level, across multiple teams.

DirtMate is an easy-to-install, cost-effective machine tracking system that integrates seamlessly with high-accuracy drone data to give you up-to-date volumes and productivity data every day.

DirtMate provides quick access to a reliable source of truth that can be used to resolve disputes, drive productivity, and understand exactly how you’re pacing on a daily basis.

The benefits of using DirtMate:

Easy access to daily earthworks volumes

Collect high-accuracy (5cm) surface data from the machines running on site to generate daily volumes. No more blind spots and no more guesswork. Know exactly where you’re at, every time you get to work.

Any machine, any manufacturer

It doesn’t matter what machine control system you’re using, what make or model of machine you’re working with, or even the age of your machine. DirtMate is compatible with all earthmoving machines.

Comprehensive machine usage tracking

Gain full visibility over which machines are working, where, and when. Pinpoint their location in real-time and observe how they operate as a fleet.

Holistic, up-to-date picture of your site, every day

Combine DirtMate with high-accuracy survey data to gain a holistic, up-to-date picture of your site that you’ll use to generate daily volumes, cut and fill heatmaps, and progress-to-design measurements within the Platform.

How DirtMate works

icon position

Position (X,Y,Z)

Built-in survey-grade GPS receiver collects elevation data from the ground under the machine in real time
icon orientation


Onboard IMU tracks machine vibration to determine usage metrics (e.g., idle, working, off).


Magnetic mounting supports a quick, easy installation and simple measure up.


Battery is charged by either 6W solar panels (for totally wireless operation) or 12-24v DC input.
wireless transmitter


Long range 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter relays elevation and IMU data to a supplied network gateway. Usable range is 500m (line of sight).
GNSS corrections

GNSS corrections source

One static, reference DirtMate serves as the base station for RTK/PPK GPS processing, and also allows for the DirtMate easting and northing data to work inside the site calibration.

How is DirtMate already helping worksites?

See how Suez are using DirtMate to track daily volumes and machine productivity.

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Easy access to daily earthworks volumes

All your progress data in one place

Use up-to-date surface data to generate daily volumes, cut and fill heatmaps, and progress-to-design measurements within the Propeller Platform.

Avoid disputes and build trust through transparency and detailed usage records. Leverage complete ‘source of truth’ documentation, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Automated insights to understand your progress status

The tablet-friendly DirtMate Dashboard gives everyone on site easy access to automated insights that can be used to understand the current status of daily volumes, driving productivity at every level, across multiple teams.

  • Machine utilization data across the fleet
  • Machine location tracking and history
  • Weather reports

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