Solutions for Drone Businesses

Drive your business forward with Propeller Partner Program

Our Partner Program

We’ve built Propeller to unlock the potential of drone data for worksites around the world. Drones are replacing inefficient, costly and sometimes dangerous activities, and with Propeller’s tools they open up insights to anyone who needs it.

As a drone services team choosing to use Propeller, you’re making this ambition real, championing change and creating capability to unlock those insights. Our technologies help you improve your data’s accuracy and delivering the final product with processing and visualization.

Starting a drone business

At this stage you probably still have a lot of questions. You might be deciding whether to go out on your own or be the change agent within your existing organization.

We can help you get started with our free trial, allowing you to showcase your capabilities and deliver your first few engagements. Once you register, you get:

  • Your own branded portal with full Propeller Platform functionality, and free trial to create data for up to 3 separate sites
  • Demonstration sites that you can use to show the benefits of drone data
  • Use of Propeller marketing assets, including screenshots and videos, for your website

Building your customer base

Propeller Visualizer

At this stage you have learnt a few lessons, both on what to do and what not to do. You may have seen the limitations on accuracy without ground control, and you have definitely realised the importance of delivering accurate results in way that makes it easy for the customer to use.

Becoming a Propeller Partner arms you with accurate processed data as well as visualisation and analysis tools your customers need to immediately see the benefits of this new service.

For an annual investment of $1200 you get:

  • Your own branded portal with full Propeller Platform functionality for up to 55 processed sites per year
  • Access to all platform features on each published site
  • Partner discounts or rebates on sales of Propeller Platform subscriptions to your customers (more details below)

Show your customers the data with the full and powerful Propeller experience.

Hosting for Partner edition data is limited to one month, so it’s best suited to trial projects. That’s the only catch. No resolution limits. No feature restrictions. No user limits. Unlimited locations. All downloads included.

Building long term relationships – and sustainable business revenue

As you move beyond trial phases and deliver long term engagements, the Propeller Platform can play a key role in establishing the ROI for your drone operations.

Propeller Platform new interface

By reselling subscriptions for the Propeller Platform, you can improve the quality of your engagements and add sustainable revenue for your own business.

Propeller Platform subscriptions unlocks long term value for your customers, allowing them to create visual audit trails of their worksites with multiple surveys.

  • Retention of customer projects beyond one month for the life of their subscription
  • Simple license options with to suit monthly, weekly and daily captures
  • Sell directly to the customer using your partner discount, or sell via Propeller for a rebate.

Contact us to become Propeller Partner or Site Edition reseller