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Our guides and ebooks are designed to walk you through the ins and outs of drone surveying, whether you’re just getting started or are looking to get more out of the drone data you collect on site.

Featured Guide:
Stockpile Measurement and Reporting

No matter what industry you’re working in, measuring and reporting on your stockpiles is crucial to successful operations. Our guide to stockpile measurement and reports with drone surveying covers how drone surveying can improve the accuracy of stockpile measurements and make stockpile reports easier than ever.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • Stockpile measurement methods with drone surveying
  • How stockpile volume measurements work
  • What drone stockpile measurement software you need
  • Stockpile reports using measurement software


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Drone Surveying: Getting Started on Site 

Our starter guides cover the basics, from what type of hardware and software you need to how drone surveying actually works to outlining the benefits you stand to gain.

Want to launch a drone program, but don’t know where to start? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about kickstarting a drone program on your site

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The complete guide to drone surveying technology that covers off your most pressing questions like, “what’s the difference between PPK and RTK?”, and “why do you need GCPs?”

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Beginner’s Guides to Drones

Our customer training and onboarding experts have teamed up to create this series of beginners’ guides covering the basics like what hardware and software you need and how drone surveying can benefit your business.

Learn what hardware you need to get started and how to use your drone survey data to its full potential on your construction site.

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Find out how drone surveying can improve mine efficiency and enables better collaboration, while reducing cost and safety risks.

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Discover what hardware and software you need to get started and what regulations you need to consider when launching a drone program on your landfill.

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Understand how the right drone hardware and software can help you measure stockpile, pit, and blast volumes in a fraction of the time.

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Safety and Drones eBook

Explore the safety benefits of using drones on your worksite

Safety is one of the most important issues to consider when starting your drone program. Whether you want to reduce surveying time and cost or improve your site’s progress and productivity tracking, worker safety is still the number-one priority.

Our operations and hardware experts teamed up to write this ebook to help you stay safe while using drones and learn about key topics, including:

  • Are drones really safe to use on a worksite?
  • Safety benefits of drone surveys
  • Best practices of safe drone operation
  • Workflows and safety checks improved using drones


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Drone Data Analytics eBooks

Uncover how drone data can help your team monitor how much work’s been done, how fast it’s progressing, whether you’re working to spec, and if you’re going to make money.

Find out how you can use drone data to monitor contractors, settle disputes, and track progress against design.

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Learn how to use drone data to track your landfill’s productivity, calculate remaining airspace, and report to your local EPA more easily.

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Learn how drone data helps you track your mine’s status, manage your ROM volumes, and ensure safety on your mine.

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Discover how drone data helps you manage stockpile volumes, track progress against pit design, and keep haul road grades consistent on your quarry.

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The New Survey-Grade Work Tool: Propeller PPK and AeroPoints

DJI and Propeller have teamed up to create a drone surveying solution that’s accessible to everyone and highly accurate—Propeller PPK.

In this ebook, we cover what PPK is, how it works, and how a Propeller PPK solution can improve:

  • Surveying on a site without any drone technology
  • Measurement and management on a site using a drone and traditional ground control
  • Drone surveying workflows on sites using AeroPoints


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