Solutions for mining and quarrying

Improve profitability and safety with more up-to-date data that is equally accessible on the worksite as in the office

Propeller is trusted by leading mining and aggregate enterprises worldwide to ensure their drone operations are delivering maximum ROI through high quality data and ease of access.

Propeller is enabling mine and quarry managers to improve efficiency and collaboration while reducing cost and risks. Anyone with a web browser can access Orthomosaic maps, Digital Elevation Models, 3D terrain models and a range of other visualisations to explore, measure and collaborate.


Reduce costs and risks with remote surveying

Identify breaklines and fissures, monitor extractions, plan blasting and extracting activities from your desktop. Just fly your drone, upload your data and we will process and deliver it online typically within 24 hours. Our AeroPoints and Quality Assurance processing delivers survey-grade accuracy down to 1cm GSD.


Accurately measure stockpiles and extraction pits in minutes

You no longer need to send staff out to walk stockpiles, and you can reduce the number of field surveys required to validate them. The Propeller Platform includes tools for accurately stockpile volumetric calculations including comparisons with volume data from earlier surveys.


Monitor progress and identify deviations quickly

By combining AeroPoints ground control and the Propeller Platform, you can create spatially accurate maps and models that you can overlay with design files to ensure work is progressing to plan and that any deviations are identified and rectified early.

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