FAQs: Propeller PPK

Learn more about Propeller’s PPK Solution—the next evolution in drone surveying

How accurate is the Propeller PPK solution?

DJI has been working with GPS experts at Propeller to integrate a L1/L2 GNSS receiver into this drone model, and along-side supporting technology developed by Propeller, to bring easy, affordable, and highly accurate maps to the wider commercial drone industry.

Propeller and DJI—and validated by experts at Trimble—claim centimeter-grade accuracies are now possible with just one ground control point and DJI’s new Phantom 4 Pro RTK. This is the first totally integrated PPK solution on the market.

For more detailed information on how we achieved 1/10ft (3cm) survey-grade accuracy please read our whitepaper— it covers our testing methods and how our results support this level of drone mapping accuracy.

What does the Propeller PPK surveying workflow involve?

In terms of operational workflows it couldn’t get any simpler.

  1. Plan out your drone’s flight on the flight planning app
  2. Find a safe, open area on your site to launch the drone from
  3. Set up an AeroPoint on the ground nearby you and turn it on
  4. Hit Go on your drone flight

Once the drone finishes its flight and automatically returns to your location, upload your data to Propeller and let us do the processing for you.

There’s no need to download any software. No need to tweak or preprocess imagery or site data. In 24 hours, your 3D site survey is rendered with survey-grade accuracy and you can start measuring and managing your site and your assets immediately.

Does Propeller recommend the PPK or RTK solution?

Propeller recommends PPK over RTK solutions. Because the RTK drone needs to maintain a connection to the base station the whole time it is taking data, any signal loss can have big repercussions in your dataset. Simple maneuvers as flying behind a building can disrupt the signal. Due to this possibility of inconstancy, we recommend PPK workflows over their RTK counterparts.

Do I still need to use 10 AeroPoints with Propeller PPK?

One of the most common questions we get, especially from our customers who own a 10 pack of AeroPoints already, is if you need to use one or multiple AeroPoints for validation of survey data? The answer is, you can do both. You can find more detailed information on how many AeroPoints you need to get accurate results here.

How do I get my Propeller PPK set up?

To get started please visit DJI Assistant and download the latest firmware.

Where can I learn more about the Propeller PPK solution?

For more information on the Propeller PPK solution you can download an in-depth guide here. It covers how a Propeller PPK solution can improve:

  • Surveying on a site without any drone technology
  • Measurement and management on a site using a drone and traditional ground control
  • Drone surveying workflows on sites using AeroPoints

Where can I buy Propeller PPK?

You can request to buy Propeller PPK directly from Propeller Aero, or one of our partners. Buy online here, or get in contact with us to find a partner near you.

Got more questions? Please get in touch with the team here.