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Propeller PPK with DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Survey large, complex job sites with ease and accuracy, even in inclement weather.
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DJI M300 Drone

Map & Measure Large, Complex Worksites with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse P1 bundle

Bundled with the Zenmuse P1 sensor, the Matrice 300 provides a powerhouse experience for the not-so-average job site. When you need a drone that’s tough enough to handle up to 55 minutes in flight time and up to three payloads simultaneously, the M300 may be the right option. 

The M300 is built for tough conditions and extreme temperatures (-4 to 122°F / -20 to 50°C) with a self-heating battery and weather sealant that protects it from rain, dust, and even winds up to 49 ft/second. Paired with Propeller PPK, tough conditions are no match for delivering survey-grade accuracy, every time.

Why fly the M300?

Not all job sites are created equal. In fact, some require more flight time, more payloads, and greater protection against collision. For those projects, the M300 may be a great fit. 

The M300 is ideal for large, complex job sites that require greater transmission distance (up to 15 km or approximately 9 miles), speed (fly 23 m/s  or 51.5 mph), and advanced flight detection systems (collision avoidance and obstacle detection). Plus, the M300 is fully compatible with the Zenmuse P1 sensor, a compact 45 MP full-frame camera with an integrated gimbal designed for aerial surveying.

Benefits of Propeller PPK with the M300 and P1

Map larger
Fly longer and cover more ground safely with the M300, which boasts an increased payload, long battery life, and advanced collision avoidance and obstacle detection sensors.
Fly smarter
Automated geotagging and data validation
Propeller PPK automatically geotags your images and stitches them together using photogrammetry to ensure a precise 3D map of your worksite. Plus, our team of GIS experts review each survey to validate your data and ensure top-notch accuracy that you can rely on.
Reduce field time
Faster, simpler data collection and expanded coverage mean fewer people in the field, for less time.
Enhanced speed and performance
Fly up to 55 minutes, depending on payload, with a flight speed of 23 m/s (51.5 mph) with the M300 and capture images every 0.7 seconds with the P1 sensor camera. All of this contributes to faster, survey-grade accuracy with each flight.
Maximize ground control
Propeller PPK requires just one AeroPoint as a smart ground control point to effectively process drone data and deliver a survey-grade 3D map of the worksite. Combined with the M300 and P1 sensor, this means a much less complicated ground control than you may have experienced in the past.
Visualize complex sites
Survey complex sites—like highways with bridges or mines—by leveraging a heavy-duty commercial drone that can handle even the most complex worksites and Propeller’s leading PPK workflow to deliver survey-grade accuracy, fast and with minimal effort.

Transform the way you survey worksites

Enhance your worksite surveys with Propeller PPK and DJI’s  M300 with Zenmuse P1.

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