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Scraper Volume and Productivity Tracking

A productivity tracking solution uniquely designed to give you cut and fill volumes and cycle counts on demand for your scraper construction equipment

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Workflows designed for civil companies with scraper fleets


Verifiable survey-grade accuracy down to a 3/10ft


Trusted Support

Readily available advisors to help you drill down into your productivity data



Flexible options that make sense for every sized business

How does DirtMate work?

While drone surveys capture data from the sky, DirtMate captures data on the ground. Working together, drone surveying and DirtMate puts your production data front and center for your team.

Mounted on the cab and equipped with GPS, DirtMate continuously provides machine location and elevation between your drone surveys. DirtMate surveys and captures the ground beneath tires or tracks to automatically generate key production data every 30 minutes.

DirtMate gives you and your team access to:

  • Cut and fill volumes on demand
  • Scraper cycle counts, duration and distance
  • Utilization including working, idle and down times
  • Haul routes including machine trails, speed and location
  • DirtMate applications for scraper fleets

    Track cut and fill volumes on demand

    DirtMates measure the amount of material moved by tracking changes in the surface of a site. Every half hour a new surface is created from your DirtMate data and your latest drone survey data.

    • Make measurements in Propeller with the latest surface data
    • Track cut and fill progress over the week or day on your DirtMate Dashboard
    • Compare current site to project design surfaces

    Monitor scraper utilization

    DirtMate’s inertial measurement unit (IMU) detects off, working, and idle times from machine vibrations. Get visibility into your scraper fleet and quickly identify:

    • Extended scraper idle or down time
    • Issues in scraper work patterns, start and stop times
    • Scraper location and route trails

    Put key metrics front and center

    With DirtMate, access key performance metrics with ease and discover potential route improvements that can enhance operator efficiency.

    • Scraper cycle counts
    • Scraper cycle duration
    • Scraper cycle average length and distance

    Analyze why you’re ahead or behind

    DirtMate allows you to deep dive into variations in productivity and dig into why you’re ahead of behind.

    • Find pinch points in the haul route with scraper construction trails
    • Stay on top of safety with speed and scraper location tracked
    • Analyze delays based on weather with the weather module

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