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Propeller Aero are unique in offering solutions that ensure drone data has survey-grade accuracy. Our world-first AeroPoint smart Ground Control Points (GCPs) provide cm level accuracy without requiring expensive GPS equipment or painting crosses on the ground.

Our cloud software, the Propeller Platform processes source images into highly accurate 2D and 3D visualizations including Digital Elevation Models, Orthophotos and 3D Point Clouds. Explore and analyze from a web browser or export to a wide range of applications and file formats.


Survey grade drone data made simple and reliable

We take the hard work out of obtaining quality data. Just place your AeroPoints, fly your drone, upload the data and we do all the rest!


Reduced time, cost and risk of field work

Reduce the need to engage expensive aerial surveys or place staff in potentially dangerous locations. High resolution orthophotos make it easy to verify field work.


Drone Survey bundles to get started quickly and affordably

We have partnered with leading drone manufacturer DJI to create bundles designed specifically for drone surveying, combining quality drones, one-touch ground control, and enterprise-grade processing and visualisation software at an affordable price.

the variety of drone hardvare for surveyors

Surveyor’s Guide to Drones: Get the Job Done Faster and Safer Without Compromising on Accuracy

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