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Propeller Mobile

Review maps and site data on your mobile device to make project decisions in the field.

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Use your Propeller data on site with our app

Access any folder or design on your mobile device with Propeller Mobile. Propeller Mobile is an extension of the Propeller Platform and can help you complete your workflows and solve problems in the field.

Here’s what you can do with Propeller Mobile
Crystal clear maps
View all your Propeller Platform site maps in high quality 3D
Topography graphic
Quick design file review
Easily review your design (DXF) files within two taps of the app, or add layers to your map
Checklist graphic
Ensure work rolls on
Make quick measurements on site, so you can keep your workflow moving along

Make quick, informed decisions and move on to your next task

Eliminate those time-consuming phone calls back to the office to get measurements or ask questions. Review your maps from the palm of your hand.

View your location anywhere on site at any time

Save time navigating on site by quickly orienting your position on your site map and comparing it against the latest design.

All your data available on site

Access any folder or design loaded into your Propeller Platform from the app. View map layers in the field for further analysis. Collaborate with the whole team and share progress.

Watch a Live Demo

Bridge the gap between the office and field

In this short video, see Propeller Mobile in action and learn how you can orient yourself onsite with the latest orthophoto from your Propeller Platform portal.

Watch the demo
Propeller Mobile App overlay
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Take Propeller with you wherever your work takes you for enhanced site management.


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