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Drone Data Management Software

Drone data management software is changing the landscape of traditional surveying by making regular surveys quick, accurate, and affordable.

Drone data management takes your biggest challenges from “serious” to “solved”

Drone data is only as useful as the insights it provides. If you’re left with an incomprehensible jumble of 1s and 0s, you won’t get too far. Even the output from traditional site surveys can look like another language without specialized training.

The Propeller Platform is drone data management software at its finest. No specialized training required—just fly a site in minutes, and get actionable insights in hours.

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Propeller is a cloud-based data visualization and analytics platform. There’s no complicated software to install or learn—just accurate site surveys that provide actionable intelligence with only a few clicks.

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A cloud-based drone data management system means that anyone can access the information they need, any time. With link-based sharing and mobile-friendly maps, your office teams have the power to create and share information with teams in the field.

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Coming from tougher software to work with, Propeller was super simple. It’s as easy as drawing a line or a boundary around something, and it’s going to give you a quantity.

Kyle Miller
Propeller Customer

What can Propeller’s drone data management system do for you?

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Fast data processing

Fly a site in an hour, and get processed data back the next day.

cloud-based access
Cloud-based access

With cloud-based drone data management software, upload data anywhere you have a signal.

interactive 3D site models
Interactive 3D site models

Make real-world measurements to expedite decision-making and keep projects moving.

progress tracking
Progress tracking

Get a comprehensive visual record of work on a site over time. Plan, track, and prove what’s happening.

risk assessment
Risk assessment

Identify risks and prevent safety hazards before there’s a problem.

interactive measurement toolbox
Interactive measurement toolbox

Use Propeller’s drone data management software to clean up inaccuracies or obstructions, measure material movement, and more.

conflict resolution
Conflict resolution

Clear progress tracking and communication means less confusion and evidence in your corner if disputes arise.

cross-team collaboration
Cross-team collaboration

Engineers, surveyors, project managers, and foremen share the same data and the same view of your worksite.

Seamless exports

Create report outputs of CSVs, PDFs, or shareable cloud-based links with real-time updates.

The future of data is here

With Propeller’s drone data management software, you can fly a site and have actionable insights within a day.

Explore a 3D map of your site to see how far you’ve come, zooming in on features from a viewpoint that’s impossible from the ground. In just a few clicks, access on-screen calculators and analysis tools that help you measure volumes, surface areas, road grades, elevations, and cross-sections.

No more stress—just upload your flyover data, and wait for processed data to inform your next move.

Check out the Propeller Platform