Advance your knowledge with our series of webinars, focusing on various aspects of drone data capture, processing and analysis.

Featured webinar:
Introducing Crew: a new way to bring mobile maps on site!

You’re invited to watch a live demo of our new Propeller Platform add-on!

In this brief webinar, you’ll hear from our own crew—Ruth Cole, Propeller’s product marketing manager, and Michael Scott, regional sales manager—as they demo Crew and explain how to leverage all its powers.

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Webinar Introducing Propeller Crew

Customer Stories:

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Fiore & Sons’ Head Surveyor on Getting Measurements “Way More Accurate Than a Tenth of a Foot” with PPK Drone Surveying

We’re spotlighting Justin Russell, head surveyor at Fiore & Sons, as another Propeller success story. Hear him describe how Propeller’s made his job topo-ing sites and getting progress data into the hands of decision makers much easier.

Justin’s story

Keith Taylor from D.H. Griffin

DHGI’s Survey Manager on Why Propeller is the Key to His Drone Program’s Success

When tasked with implementing a drone survey program at D.H. Griffin Infrastructure, survey manager Keith Taylor chose Propeller for our commitment to accuracy and rapid processing time. Check out his conversation with our CEO and co-founder, Rory San Miguel.

Keith’s story

Watch on-demand:

In this section you will find the recordings of previous Propeller webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.

How Propeller Conquers The World’s Many Coordinate Systems

How Propeller Conquers The World’s Many Coordinate Systems

Most people know our commitment to survey data accuracy is unwavering, but for this webinar we want to showcase one of our hidden strengths—our support for any and all coordinate reference systems (including locals).

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BuildWitt Owner Aaron Witt on the State of the Earthwork Industry

BuildWitt Owner Aaron Witt on the State of the Earthwork Industry

We’ve invited BuildWitt founder and “Dirt Nerd” Aaron Witt to talk with our CEO Rory San Miguel about the work he’s doing to help those in the earthwork industry adapt to a changing world. Watch our next webinar to hear this enlightening, forward-facing conversation.

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Harnessing the Power of Propeller Hardware

Harnessing the Power of Propeller Hardware: AeroPoints, DirtMate, and More.

In this session, we’ll dive into our hardware history and explain our hardware supports our platform. You’ll leave the conversation knowing exactly how to harness the power of Propeller hardware to better manage your site and get the right data, in front of the right people.

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Propeller remote support webinar

How to Leverage Propeller’s 24/7 Support: Why Expert Support is the Key to Drone Program ROI

Keeping your drone program moving forward amidst shutdowns and uncertainty is no easy task. It doesn’t matter if you’re still operating at full speed or sequestered inside, we’re here to help get your drone program up and running…remotely!

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Webinar Drone Survey Processing

Drone Survey Processing 101: To Self-Process, or to Not Self-Process?

In this session, we’ll be diving into the ROI of Propeller processing, the nitty gritty, how freeing yourself from the burden of processing gets you actionable data faster. And, ultimately, how actionable data keeps you connected to your worksite.

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Propeller Ins and Outs

Get to Know Propeller—The Ins, the Outs, and Everything in Between.

Dive into our interactive toolbox with live demos where we’ll measure stockpiles, calculate volumes, and quantify progress in just a few clicks. Don’t miss this opportunity to answer all your questions in one fell swoop!

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Webinar Bracing for 2020

Bracing for 2020—The Past, Present, and Future of Technology on Construction Sites

In this session, Rory San Miguel, Propeller CEO and co-founder, will discuss the past, present, and future of construction technology to dissect the many advantages of up-to-date, accurate project data.  

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Webinar Construction Progress Tracking

Earthwork Progress Tracking and Progress Reporting

In this webinar we’ll deliver real-world use cases from individuals just like you, who are using Propeller to eliminate information silos and deliver progress data to everyone who needs it (hint: this isn’t just surveyors).

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Propeller and DJI Webinar

How to Get High-Accuracy, Survey-grade Data

Listen as we take a deep dive into into what drone mapping looks like in the construction, aggregates, mining and waste management industry, and shows you how the right hardware and worksite analytics software can help you maximise the ROI on your investment. 

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