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The future of drone surveying is here

Accurate ground control should be simple. And with our game-changing new hardware, the AeroPoints, it finally is.

So what does this mean?

  • No need to buy or rent expensive GPS equipment
  • No more hand-painted crosses on the ground
  • No need for an Internet connection on site
  • No need to wait for your ground control data

AeroPoints are smart ground control points with built-in GPS that capture incredibly accurate positional data.

Lay them out, fly your drone, and pick them up. Your ground control is done.

Working with any drone and camera, AeroPoints ground control targets are the simple solution for survey-grade accuracy. 

Download our free white paper explaining the technology and validating AeroPoints accuracy

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Troy Fardell
Director at RPAS Australia

“There is no comparison to AeroPoints - this truly is disruptive technology.”

With a powerful solar panel, AeroPoints will never run out of batteries while capturing position data.  


Our tested checkerboard pattern is visible from the air and won’t blow out on overexposed photos


AeroPoint ground control point by Propeller

The world's first smart ground control points 

Our processing servers will have precision points ready - usually just minutes after uploading. 


Introducing AeroPoints

Inbuilt PPK gives you global/absolute accuracy down to 2cm.

AeroPoints are waterproof, shock and weather resistant. Their LiFePObatteries are high temperature, impact, puncture and aviation safe.


One-button activation lets you use a wifi connection or a mobile hotspot to upload position data.



AeroPoints provide absolute positional  accuracy down to 2cm. Rigorous testing showed AeroPoints to be as reliable as conventional surveying gear.




simple solution for UAV surveys and inspections
AeroPoints to provide accurate survey data
Save money on drone survey

Anyone can use AeroPoints. Simple one-button control means your ground control is practically automated. 

It takes just seconds to set up a ground control point with AeroPoints, and your data will be ready almost immediately after upload.

1. Position your AeroPoints evenly around your survey area and activate using single button.

2. Fly your drone over the survey area.

3. Pick up your AeroPoints. When they're in range of wifi or a phone hotspot, they'll automatically upload their position data, and then enter deep standby.

4. Log into your dashboard and download the points to use in your regular processing software - or, even easier, upload your photos to your Propeller portal and use our integrated cloud processing engine to finish the job.

How AeroPoints work

Watch AeroPoints demo video

AeroPoints demo video

AeroPoints system integrates with Propeller's cloud processing and hosting

The best part?

If you'd rather leave the boring bits to us, just upload your geotagged photos to our cloud processing engine - your mapping will be precision georeferenced and ready to share on your custom Propeller portal within 24 hours.

Australian UAV save time and money with AeroPoints


“There's no more need for awkward and expensive survey gear. We can show up on site, quickly disperse the AeroPoints and then fly.”

Don't miss out the next production run available in early March 2017. Preorder your set now for $500 and pay the rest when your AeroPoints are ready to ship.

Full price:

Full price:

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For surveys up to 350ha (850 acres)


Extended Set of 20

Standard Set of 10 

AeroPoints set of ground control points



$10,000 USD

$6,000 USD

Preorder your AeroPoints 

For surveys up to 120ha (300 acres)


With every set of AeroPoints you will get 12 months of free subscription to Propeller's Basic plan.


AeroPoints come packed in a durable, hi-vis bags, making them easy to store and carry. 

Got any questions?

When in range of a GNSS correction service, AeroPoints use data from a fixed base station to augment their position in line with other highly precise GNSS equipment.

  • Internal (relative) accuracies: Better than 1cm (X,Y,Z)
  • Absolute (global) accuracies: Up to 2cm (X,Y), 3cm (Z)

Are you in a GNSS correction coverage zone? Check here.

Outside a GNSS corrections area?

You can still perform incredibly accurate surveys. Your AeroPoints use our proprietary algorithms to correct positions inside the survey area.

  • Internal (relative) accuracies: Better than 1cm (X,Y), 2cm (Z)
  • Absolute (global) accuracies: Up to 20cm - dependent on duration of survey

A standard set of 12 AeroPoints is suitable for areas up to 150Ha (370 acres), if evenly spaced, and more AeroPoints can be used to cover larger areas.

Small site or individual structure? AeroPoints can help ensure maximum accuracy here as well. We recommend using at least eight AeroPoints, even over small areas.

AeroPoints need to be active for at least 30 minutes inside our GNSS network to capture an accurate position. If you’re using AeroPoints outside our GNSS network they’ll need to be active for two to six hours.

AeroPoints can record weeks of GNSS information before running out of space - which means you can do multiple surveys between uploads. And with a solar panel and powerful lithium batteries, AeroPoints will always be fully charged and ready to use.

Visit AeroPoints FAQ for more answers

Manage and track your AeroPoints from your smartphone. Coming soon to iOS and Android.

AeroPoints mobile app

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