Drone Solutions for Waste Management

Improve compliance reporting and airspace management with frequent and accurate drone surveys

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Propeller’s hardware and software solutions improve safety and efficiency for waste management operations. Calculate remaining airspace in minutes, take the guessing out of density measurements, and shave days or weeks off typical workflows.

With precise and easy-to-use drone survey data at your fingertips, you can improve landfill efficiency and make sure you’re under top-of-waste design. Troubleshoot problems before they become expensive or require rework. See progress and productivity visually. Establish accurate, reliable ground control easily with our AeroPoints.

landfill cell volume calculation

Improve cell and airspace management

Get an accurate picture of current cell volumes and calculate remaining airspace in seconds. With drones making frequent flights, you can also increase the productive life of your cells by tracking and maximizing compaction rates over time.

compliance reporting on a landfill site

Save time and money on compliance reporting

With frequent site surveys and Propeller’s 3D visual interface, you can gather the data needed to calculate current, changed, and remaining airspace for your EPA reports. Easily generate readable CSV or PDF reports for sharing or grant stakeholders view-only access to your site, so everyone’s on the same page.

communication with contractors

Communicate with stakeholders and contractors

Propeller makes it possible to visualize your entire site at any given moment in time and share insights with multiple stakeholders. The result is reduced site visits; saving you time, money, and helping to keep people safe.

How to Use Drone Data to Improve Landfill Performance

If you manage a landfill, you may have been wondering how drones and drone-captured data can be used to improve your daily operations. This article will showcase some of the drone-based tools and workflows that can help you better measure and manage your landfill site and maximize its performance.

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3D visualization of a landfill airspace

Optimizing Landfill Density Using Drone Data

The frequent surveying required to collect cell volume data can now be easily and inexpensively done using drones and the Propeller Platform. Here is how it’s done.

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