Drone Solutions for Waste Management

Improve compliance reporting and airspace management with frequent and accurate drone surveys

Drones allow you to frequently survey entire landfill sites, including those areas normally difficult or dangerous to access, at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying techniques.

By using Propeller, you can get the maximum benefit from drone technology with hardware and software solutions that deliver survey-grade accuracy and rich visual data easily accessible from a web browser. Just fly your drone, upload the data, and we’ll do the rest. Within as little as 24 hours you will have unprecedented insights on your landfill sites at your fingertips.


Accurate airspace and stockpile volumetric calculations

Use the detailed elevation data to quickly calculate your sites total airspace or individual stockpile volumes. With drones making frequent flights affordable, you can also use the platform to compare volume changes over time.


Compliance reporting and monitoring

Utilising AeroPoints smart ground control, you can create highly accurate map of your site which you can overlay on the landfill design to ensure you are keeping within the approved limits. You can also use the Propeller Platform to inspect for erosion, fence line conditions, vegetation coverage, groundwater and other physical aspects of your landfill site.

Evaluating and planning

The Propeller Platform’s 3D elevation and contour models allow you to create detailed base maps and development plans. You can easily annotate maps and models and include them in reports that you can export in PDF format or share via the customisable web portal included in the Propeller Platform. This is why leading Waste Management companies like Suez and Cleanaway trust Propeller to provide enterprise-grade solutions to their landfill management workflows.

density calculations

Optimizing Landfill Density Using Drone Data

The frequent surveying required to collect cell volume data can now be easily and inexpensively done using drones and the Propeller Platform. Here is how it’s done.

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AeroPoints saving time and decreasing cost on a landfill site survey

Learn how AeroPoints smart portable Ground Control Points are delivering survey grade accuracy in a challenging landfill location.

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