The only survey-grade PPK drone mapping workflow.

Automatically capture, process, and correct your drone data from anywhere, as frequently as you want, with Propeller’s PPK workflow.


Get more consistent and globally accurate results within 1/10ft (3cm), every time, reducing errors and rework.


Bundle AeroPoints (smart GCPs), high-accuracy drones, and cloud-based software in one workflow. Manage your lidar and photogrammetry surveys in one system. 


Survey 100 acres in less than 30 minutes, without the hassle and expense. Anyone with a drone license can fly, saving you days of field time.


Process multiple datasets at once with outsourced data processing managed by a team of geospatial experts (6-hour average turnaround with built-in QA/QC).

How Propeller’s PPK solution works

PPK (post-processing kinematic) drone mapping delivers survey-grade data reliably by taking the GPS data recorded during flight and adjusting it afterward using base station data. By eliminating reliance on unreliable real-time correction signals, PPK ensures precise results every time you fly.

Capturing the right data to create a survey-grade 3D map may sound complex, but Propeller’s PPK workflow boils down to just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Lay your AeroPoints.

No expertise required, just place and press. AeroPoints will start recording their position instantly.

Step 2

Take-off. Gather your drone data.

Survey your site along an automated flight path using a Propeller-recommended drone.

Step 3

Upload your data, we’ll do the rest.

Connect to WiFi and let your devices upload their data to the cloud. Then, drag and drop your data into Propeller for lidar or photogrammetry processing.

survey processing file in Propeller

Step 4

See your site from a new perspective.

Revolutionize how you and your team communicate, collaborate, and measure your worksite using an interactive 3D map.

Want to dig into the details?

We’ve got you covered. Check out our PPK digital guide to cut through the confusion and get straight to what you need to know about PPK.

Fiore & Sons. Powered by Propeller PPK.

Watch Justin Russell, the Head Surveyor at Fiore & Sons, take his surveying game to the next level with Propeller’s PPK workflow. By integrating DJI’s M3E drone with Propeller, Justin maps, measures, and manages his sites with survey-grade accuracy.

PPK perks you can only find at Propeller.

Choosing the right PPK drone mapping solution can be hard. Let’s make it easy.

Fully-integrated workflow

Measure and manage your survey files, designs, and photos from a single 3D map.

Survey-grade accuracy

Pair AeroPoints with a Propeller-recommended drone to achieve accuracy up to 1/10ft every time you fly.

24/7 expert support

Ask questions, get answers. Keep things moving with 24/7 support from subject matter experts. 

Smart ground control

With built-in GNSS, AeroPoints can be used as a source of corrections and ground control points, or as a checkpoint. 

Scalable data processing

We can process multiple surveys at once, as often as you need, in a matter of hours with QA/QC checks to ensure historical consistency. 

Any coordinate system

We’ll process your data in the coordinate system you need, whether it’s global or local, and alert you when it’s ready. 

Why use Propeller’s PPK workflow?

Propeller’s PPK workflow is the only processing automation solution that minimizes your time in the field, scales with your business, and delivers survey-grade results reliably.

Published CRSs
Surveys processed within 12 hours
Accuracy made fast and reliable
PPK Reviews

“It’s the accuracy of the AeroPoints that works for us. Some companies rely on RTK, but we want reliable, accurate results. Fixed ground control doesn’t work for construction due to there always being material moved.”


Martti Keskinen
Drone Manager

“Propeller has changed the way our site department does business, and we have tried multiple platforms and drones. The Propeller PPK workflow changed the game for us.”



Brian Leppo
GPS Coordinator
PPK Reviews

“We love the Propeller PPK workflow. It’s very reliable, and we know that we’re going to get a good result. It’s more reliable because sometimes RTK drops out.”



Loren Otto
Co-founder & Director
Propeller PPK Quote

The AeroPoints are a necessity. They are like gold when you are flying a drone. We were within 2/100ths of a foot of our lidar scan, so we love them. Data logging is a really old technology, but Propeller packages it in a new way and it works.


John Triska
Justin Russell | Fiore and Sons

“Most of the time, it’s way more accurate than 1/10thft. I have a sidewalk on the exterior of one site that obviously doesn’t move. I just run a quick calc of an area on that sidewalk, and it’s the same 2-3/100thsft every single time.”


Justin Russell
Head of Survey

Which PPK/RTK drone is right for you?

Propeller-recommended drones have the RTK and PPK capabilities you need to get survey-grade results.

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

DJI’s M3E is an easy-to-fly quadcopter drone at an affordable price that fits your survey, estimating, or project management budget.

The M3E is the latest DJI drone compatible with the Propeller PPK workflow. It’s easy to operate, reliable in the field for sites of most sizes, and reasonably priced, making it an ideal entry point into drone surveying.

Mavic 3 Enterprise (M3E) Propeller PPK drone mapping
DJI Matrice 300/350 RTK

Not all job sites are created equal. Some require more flight time, more payloads, and greater protection against collision. For those projects, the M300/350 may be a great fit.

The M300/350 is ideal for large, complex job sites that require greater transmission distance, speed, and advanced flight detection systems.


Meet WingtraOne, a Swiss-made VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone offering the best functionality from multicopter and fixed-wing drones.

With its durable fiberglass design and fully autonomous vertical take-off and landing, WingtraOne is ideal for fast and efficient large-scale drone surveying.

WingtraOne flying over a quarry
Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+

The Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ drone is a fixed-wing drone capable of flying much longer (90 minutes) than a quadcopter.

Propeller PPK combined with Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ is an automated drone data processing solution that helps you map more ground, more accurately than ever before.

Ready to make survey data simpler, faster, and smarter with Propeller’s PPK workflow?

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