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Propeller revolutionizes the way you and your team work. Our team of Customer Success Experts, GIS Specialists, and hardware experts set you up for success, right from the get-go.
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Ask questions, get answers. Keep things moving with 24/7 support.

Personalized service from the get-go.

As a platform user, your Customer Success Engineer is there to set you up for success with guided onboarding and training.

On-demand learning.

Sharpen your skills with our expansive database of how-tos, training modules, and interactive courses.

We’re on your team.

You can think about our industry folks, GIS Specialists, and hardware experts as an extension of your team.

Use Propeller to its full potential.

Whether you’ve got our hardware, software, or the complete suite – we’re here to help.


On-demand video training resources.

Knowledge Base

Expansive library of product how-tos, articles, and release notes.

Training webinars

Global training webinars hosted in different timezones.

Onsite training

Custom hands-on training available as a paid add-on.

Expert support

A fast and effective combination of phone, email, or in-platform support.

Business reviews

Annual knowledge shares to dig into your Propeller ROI and unearth new use cases.

Product requests

Provide product feedback that helps inform where we go next.

Our customers’ success is our top priority, always.

Propeller is powered by the success of its customers. That’s why our various support teams work as an extension of your team so you can experience our platform and products at their full potential.

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Getting started is easy.

And, we’re with you every step of the way.


You’ve purchased Propeller.

Welcome to a totally new way of working. Get ready to embark on your onboarding journey.


Meet your Customer Success Engineer.

Say “hello” to your Customer Success Engineer. You can start your onboarding journey immediately with self-paced learning.


Dig into our world.

Learn all about the Propeller platform and products – from data capture to survey processing to Propeller workflows, and more.


Simpler, faster, smarter workflows.

You and your team are now powered by Propeller and are working better than ever.

You’ll learn everything you need to know.

We’ve broken down our entire Propeller offering into three easy-to-follow modules.


Drone setup

  • Care + maintenance
  • Firmware updates
  • Warranty Shield
  • Best practices & common mistakes

AeroPoints overview

  • Care + maintenance
  • Charging your AeroPoints
  • Best practices
Data Capture

Flight checklist

  • Checking + unlocking airspace
  • FAA rules + regulations
  • Drone settings
  • Propeller Corrections Network
  • Ground control best practices

Data capture workflow

  • Planning a mission
  • Aeropoints
  • Flying the drone
Platform Training

Platform overview

  • Navigating the portal
  • Tips + best practices

Measuring with survey data

  • Volume, distance, surface area, and elevation measurements
  • Terrain edit

Managing your site

  • Data management
  • Site management
  • Productivity management

Files + collaboration

  • Mobile app
  • Information sharing


Learn more about the technology we support.

From local coordinate reference systems to volume calculations, we’ve got you covered.

Propeller (Platform)
Survey Processing
Drones + Sensors
Schedule a live demo to see how Propeller can empower your team to map, measure and manage site activity with survey data.