Capabilities / Subcontractor management


Keep contracts and payments on schedule, track site progress, and export data to share with your stakeholders—all within Propeller.
subcontractor management
Check contract fulfillment

Verify your subcontractors’ volume claims by performing quick volume calculations.

Track subcontractors

Monitor changes on your site and see proof of work via a visual timeline, including the job site’s elevation history.

Resolve and prevent disputes

Use Propeller to show visual proof of work and historical changes. You can share with subcontractors to keep everyone aligned.

Manage multiple subcontractors across all jobs

Propeller is a cloud-based platform that allows you to keep all your data in one place, regardless of how many job sites you have. Plus, with an integrated drone mapping workflow, it’s fast and easy to capture survey data—meaning you can fly your sites more frequently to monitor subcontractor progress and verify results.


  • PPK drone mapping
  • Cross-section comparison
  • Survey volume compare
  • Design volume compare
  • Stockpile
progress tracking
subcontractor management app

Give permission to subcontractors who need it

Give your subcontractors access to the information they need and keep the rest confidential. From view-only access to editing access, you can give your subcontractors the tools they need to succeed (and avoid confusion with the ones they don’t).


  • User permissions
  • View-only maps 
  • PDF report templates

Subcontractor management tools in Propeller

Propeller’s volume calculations and design comparison tools help you effectively manage your subcontractors.

User permissions

Change file permissions for both individuals and teams to limit visibility. You can assign view-only, edit, measure, export access, and more.

PDF reports

Create custom .PDF reports that can be easily shared with people who don’t have access to the Propeller platform. Include relevant data to monitor your subcontractors’ progress effectively.

Timeline feature

Export a timelapse of your site’s progress at a glance to share with stakeholders and verify completed work.

Cross-section comparison

View a cross-section of one or more designs or survey surfaces along a specified line. This gives you a more detailed view if something doesn’t look quite right on site.

Survey-to-design comparison

Measure differences in volume between a selected survey and an uploaded design surface. You can see how the size of your stockpiles changes over time.

Design volume compare

Calculate the volume between two design surfaces. Compare one design file to another project, like landfill cell revisions, site plan updates, and mine site benchmarks.

Survey volume compare

Calculate the volume from a previous dataset or imported design surface as a base. This allows you to see the volume added or removed.

Propeller’s PPK workflow

Use Propeller’s PPK workflow to get regular site updates. Track progress, see elevation changes regularly, and make informed decisions about your job site.

Stockpile measurement

Calculate the volume of a stockpile to generate inventory reports and ensure your subcontractors meet your material requirements.

Mick Mongan powered by Propeller
“I use Propeller as evidence of what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis and communicate the progress we’re making and some of the challenges we have. I use it from that perspective and to show other people that aren’t familiar with our projects what we are doing and what it actually looks like on the ground.”

Dig into our other workflows.

Subcontractor management is just the beginning. Learn other ways to power up with Propeller.

Volume calculations

Measure the volume of stockpiles, walls, bench sections, and more with one click. Get fast answers from anywhere on any device.

volume measurements

Collaboration + communication

Share measurements, flag safety issues, and tag your colleagues in photos anytime, anywhere with Propeller. 

3D mobile map in the field

Site checks

Whether you’re monitoring safety hazards, assessing road grades, or tracking changes over time, Propeller helps you perform quick site checks to help you stay on time and on track. 

surface area site check

Manage it all from one map.

Measuring and sharing geospatial data doesn’t have to be hard. Simplify the subcontractor management process with Propeller.

All your FAQs, answered.

Most sites have a certain amount of material they need to have moved each week. Propeller is a great way to check that your teams meet your target pace, especially on truck counts. This visibility into the volumes of material moved allows subcontractors to assess their own progress.

On typical sites without Propeller, documentation is usually limited to photographs of a site or data from a surveyor. This usually includes a heat map of what cut-fills have been completed. However, with Propeller, you can use both of the above (photos and heat maps), as well as a timeline to visually prove what work has been completed on site.

The more frequently you fly, the better you’ll be able to track and share progress while showing the work your teams have completed.

This depends on how much dirt is moving and how much change you expect on the site once the job has been completed. Many of our contractors find that flying monthly is a great cadence to start, but they start flying weekly to check progress after a while. This allows you to accurately measure progress and see how many machines are needed to complete the job on time. If you’re ahead of schedule, you can move machines to other jobs. If you’re behind, you can bring more in without rushing to meet your deadline.

Of course, if your site doesn’t change much from week to week, then you can spread out your flights in a way that makes sense for you.