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Field communication + collaboration

Share measurements, flag safety issues, and tag your colleagues in photos anytime, anywhere with Propeller.
field to office communication and collaboration app

Share the right data

Share the right data with the right people and collaborate from one central hub. Prevent rework, disputes, and disconnects.

Protect your team

Help your team see active sites from a new perspective. Flag hazards and communicate changes in real-time.

Connect field and office

Keep your teams connected with flexible user permissions and 3D maps you can access from any device.

Communicate in real-time

Make field communication and collaboration simple. Propeller is a cloud-based platform that allows users to access their data, measurements, and insights from any device. Use Propeller as your single source of truth to ensure everyone is on the same page.


  • Media
  • Mobile app
  • Flexible user permissions
  • View-only maps 
  • PDF report templates
Media stored on the Propeller platform map
earthwork progress tracking within the Propeller platform

Track site activity

See the differences in elevation between your design and past surveys to get an accurate picture of what work has been done. Share your 3D map, video timelapse of the job site, and select areas that you choose. Let these visual representations of your site do the talking; after all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.


  • Volume calculations
  • Timeline slider
  • 3D surveys

Manage safety and compliance

Use Propeller’s mobile app to flag any safety issues on the worksite by snapping a quick photo. You can also check haul road grades to ensure they meet safety requirements and are optimized for minimal fuel consumption.


  • Safety hazard identification
  • Point of interest
  • Gradient map
haul road management tools in Propeller

Field collaboration + communication features

Propeller’s collaboration and communication features help users stay connected across the office and the field.

Mobile app

Access your site map, relevant data, and communication tools while in the field. You can get in touch with the office and provide real-time updates through the app.

PDF reports

Share valuable information including measurements, maps, and calculations with team members and stakeholders. Create custom, branded reports with just a few clicks.


Snap a photo of anything important on the site, from safety hazards to weather-made changes, and pin it on the map. Leave a comment to describe the image for everyone to see.

User permissions

Allow users to view only the data they need, as well as control who is allowed to create measurements and exports within the Propeller platform

Volume calculations

Share the volume of any area on site to support resource planning, budgeting, schedule optimization, equipment and labor allocation, quality assurance, and risk management efforts.

Safety hazards

Mark safety hazards and assign the severity level without doing a site walkthrough. You can mark these hazards with the media tool in Propeller, allowing your team to stay informed and safe.


Draw a line between two or more points and calculate the elevation difference between the points.

Point of interest

Access Propeller from any device and download the mobile app to take maps into the field. Smart surveys put your worksite in your pocket.


Draw a line between two or more points and measure the total surface length, point-to-point distance, and horizontal distance. Communicate distances with your team on-site.

Berm check

Measure safety berms, bunds, windrows, or other barriers to confirm that they meet design and safety requirements. Draw a line across the barrier to calculate height and width.

Road grades

Measure a section of road, pavement, or track to calculate the grade as a degree, percentage, or ratio. Ensure your roads remain stable and secure.

Visual timeline

Get a visual tool that shows you every survey map in order. You can see an overview of the progress completed and provide updates to stakeholders at a glance.

R&K Excavation powered by Propeller
John Doe
Manager, Technology & Innovation, at Haskell
“All our project managers are in training for the platform, and every single one of them is loving it because they can log into the platform and get the calculations they need. Our people can collaborate better, and no bottlenecks are hindering our access to data.”
Patrick Schultz, Assistant Project Manager at R&K Excavation

Dig into our other workflows.

Field communication and collaboration are just the beginning. Learn other ways to power up with Propeller.

Volume calculations

Measure the volume of stockpiles, walls, bench sections, and more with one click. Get fast answers from anywhere on any device.

volume measurements

Subcontractor management

Keep contracts and payments on schedule, track site progress, and export data to share with your stakeholders—all within Propeller.

3D mobile map in the field

Site checks

Whether you’re monitoring safety hazards, assessing road grades, or tracking changes over time, Propeller helps you perform quick site checks to help you stay on time and on track. 

surface area site check

Want the end-to-end workflow? Learn how our geospatial experts process photogrammetry surveys in a matter of hours.

All your FAQs, answered.

Yes! Getting immediate answers to the worksite from the office and vice-versa can help teams stay on track and on time. Without the delay of sharing notes and photos manually, your team can save time, stay aligned, and come up with solutions sooner.

Yes. When you empower your team to flag safety issues with both an image and an exact location of the issue, everyone stays informed. These hazards can be addressed sooner, allowing your team to get back on track in no time.

Construction sites are often busy and fast-paced, making it challenging to get all the information back to the office about what’s happening on site. From technical issues to uncertain locations of safety issues, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Fortunately, site communication tools like Propeller allow users to easily share site updates and flag any concerns from wherever they are.