Map and manage your worksite with drone data

A turnkey 3D drone mapping and data analytics solution for civil construction and earthworks operations.


Our newest GCPs: AeroPoints 2

The AeroPoints you have come to know and love just got an upgrade! Introducing AeroPoints 2, offering more robust capability without adding complexity. Check out what’s new.

Introducing Propeller PPK with WingtraOne

Propeller PPK has been a customer favorite since we released it in 2018—and now, we’re changing the game again. Announcing Propeller PPK with WingtraOne, a VTOL drone perfect for large worksites and best-in-class image resolution.

Powering the next generation of earthmovers

We believe frequent, high-accuracy site surveys keep jobs on track and on budget. Propeller’s end-to-end software platform uses drones to simplify collection, photogrammetry to streamline data processing, and 3D maps to manage progress across the project lifecycle.

Why Propeller?

Share data across your organization

Give everyone on your team instant visibility into the status and progress of a worksite. Propeller centralizes your project documentation to boost collaboration and give surveyors, engineers, foremen, and site managers the confidence to work safer and smarter.

Decrease operating costs at every turn

By surveying with a drone, you’re decreasing cost per survey, while arming your crew with the up-to-date progress data they need to accomplish more in less time. With a complete visual progress timeline, you’ll squash conflict, reduce rework, and minimize fuel burn.

Keep pace with a rapidly changing industry

In time, all earthworks projects will be documented and surveyed using a drone. In fact, many industry leaders have already invested in drone surveying to stand out in an increasingly competitive market and uphold their commitment to innovation, quality, and transparency.

We simplify worksite management for your industry

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Reshaping how sites are surveyed worldwide

Say hello to the Propeller Platform

Track, map, and measure active sites anywhere, anytime using cloud-based 3D models of your surveys. Invite your whole team to join and collaborate from one source of truth.

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