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Our obsession with ensuring the highest levels of accuracy through our industry-changing AeroPoints as well as quality assuring every data set processed in our platform sets us apart.

We focus on maximising the value of your drone data through our intuitive Propeller Platform, ensuring that it is equally and easily accessible by all stakeholders. Anyone with a browser can immerse themselves in 2D and 3D models, take measurements, make notes, gain and share insights.

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We provide advanced solutions for:

drone survey bundle with dji m200

Ensure your drone data is accurate

Propeller’s hardware and software solutions ensure your drone data meets the stringent accuracy required by Enterprises and Governments, at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods.
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Perform inspections and surveys online

We make it easy for anyone to view their sites and assets from above and at ground level; measure distances, area, gradients and volumes, identify objects and share through reports and videos.
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Perform Inspections and Surveys Online

Better with Propeller:

Stockpile Management

Stockpile Management

Accurate volumetric surveys in just a few simple clicks reducing day long tasks to minutes. Easily compare changes to stockpile volumes between surveys.

Site Planning

Site Planning

Reduce costly time on-site by performing initial surveys remotely for high level estimating and identifying priority areas for physical surveys to focus on.

Project Management

Project Management

Monitor progress over time, manage construction assets, identify risks, create access plans and stakeholder reports all from the desktop.

Remote Asset Inspection

Remote Asset Inspection

Identify and label assets, perform remote inspections to identify wear or when maintenance is required.

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