Improve daily productivity tracking with survey-grade machine sensors

Your worksite, live

Just mount DirtMate onto active machines and step back as they power 3D surfaces that you’ll use to generate cut and fill heatmaps, utilization graphs, and progress-to-design measurements.

How it works

Position (X,Y,Z)

Built-in survey-grade GPS receiver collects elevation data from the ground underneath the machine in real time


Onboard IMU tracks machine vibration to determine utilization metrics (idle, working, off).


Magnetic mounting supports a quick, 10-min installation and simple measure up.


Battery is charged by either 6W solar panels (for totally wireless operation) or 12-24v DC input.


Long range 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter relays elevation and IMU data to a supplied network gateway. Usable range is 1km (line of site).

GNSS corrections source

One static, reference DirtMate serves as the base station for the RTK/PPK GPS processing, and also allows for the DirtMate easting and northing data to work inside the site calibration.

Quick, easy installation

Because every DirtMate sensor is solar-powered and magnetized, installation is completely wireless and takes less than 10 minutes. Propeller supplies a network gateway and 4G sim card for constant connectivity and a wired power option for backup..

Any manufacturer, any machine

It doesn’t matter what machine control system you’re using, what make or model of machine you’re working with, or how old your machine is. DirtMate is compatible with any earthmoving machine and beyond.

Integration with survey data

Combine the locally-calibrated, RTK and PPK GPS data your DirtMate collects from the ground with the aerial data you already have to update 3D surfaces in real time. One DirtMate serves as the base station for the rest of your DirtMate sensors on site.

Automatic error detection

RTK sensors automatically detect calibration errors and self-correct. Each time you fly, your ground surface resets, erasing any distortions from your dataset, and IMU tilt compensation keeps your data accurate on sloped ground.

Live machine utilization data

Access utilization data throughout the day in the Propeller Platform to measure productivity. We track the vibration of the machines through an IMU to detect whether a machine is working, idle, or off.

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Yes, we’ve announced the DirtMate, but this is just the beginning. We’ll be documenting our beta journey and issuing regular updates on the progress we’re making. Be the first to know when these updates go out by registering your interest!

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