Built for beginners and validated by experts, AeroPoints are the industry’s only smart ground control points. Use with any drone and on any worksite to capture survey-grade data every time you fly.


Lay them out, press a button, and they’ll start recording their position automatically.


Pair with Propeller for an unmatched, all-in-one mapping solution that allows you to transition from capture to volume calculations.


Map with centimeter-level accuracy that’s easy to prove using dual-frequency GPS sensors that are protected by a durable outer shell.

Designed to collect data.

Total accuracy

Seamlessly use as ground control, a checkpoint, and a base station.

Easy as a press
of a button

No expertise required, just place and press. AeroPoints will start recording their position instantly.

Onboard GPS makes
recording simple

Dual-frequency (L1/L2) GPS that records positioning data every five seconds.

Get more out of
your data with PPK

Pair with a Propeller-recommended drone for a complete PPK workflow. AeroPoints serve as a base station for automatic corrections.

Flexible working,
flexible charging

Use solar power or plug
them in for a quick charge.

It has great

Store data from 100+ flights
before an upload is required.

Mobile app

Download the AeroPoints App
to run real-time diagnostics
and get setup within seconds.

Get WiFi connected,

Say goodbye to CSVs. Upload your GPS data from the field automatically with built-in WiFi connectivity.

No need to
correct yourself

Tap into our global base station network for automatic data corrections.

One tough piece
of technology

A high-visibility and water-resistant outer shell designed for tough environments.

Pricing overview

USD $800 per unit 


1x AeroPoint 2
1x AeroStencil
1x User Manual

Total AeroPoint captures
Compatiable coordinate systems
Average AP accuracy
Got a job? See how Aeropoints are up to the task.
544 x 544 x 26 mm
Temperature range
-10 – +50 °C
L1/L2 GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + Beidou
Minimum PPK flight time
2 minutes
Maximum baseline distance
40 km
Time to fix (PPK)
2 minutes
802.11 b/g/n
16 Wh LiFePO₄
3W Solar + 12–36 V DC input
Charge time (solar – full sun)
8 hours
Charge time (charger)
3 hours
Battery life
100 hours logging
Horizontal: 10mm + 1ppm
Vertical: 20mm + 1ppm
Time to fix
10 minutes
Maximum capture time
8 hours
256 MB error-correcting solid-state flash (100 hours)

Propeller Corrections Network

Automatically process and correct our  survey data from anywhere within the Propeller Corrections Network. Check your coverage in the map.

Learn how to map with AeroPoints.

Pair AeroPoints with our platform and recommended drones for a complete 3D mapping workflow.

See our products in action.

Andrew Auer

Territory Sales Manager, Propeller Aero

AeroPoints 2: The Next Generation of Smart GCPs

What’s new in AeroPoints 2?

A new Wi-Fi chip delivers fast, reliable connectivity

Dual-frequency GPS, shorter flight times, better positioning.

Upgraded battery performance and plug-in charging provide more flexibility in the field.

James Donaldson

District Manager – Canada, EagleView

After a long day of collecting data with our Wingtra, we let our 3 year old sync the Propeller Aero aeropoint data to the cloud! Life’s easy when you pair the world leading VTOL fixed-wing Wingtra with Propeller Aero!

Yovist Taufan

Owner & Director, PT Quantindo

When accuracy and precision is the most important thing in aerial mapping quality.

Michael Kyle Easton

Civil/Construction Technology Solutions, Milton CAT

Suns out, guns out Western New York! Spring is upon us. Let the mapping resume

Bryce Perez


Got a set of AeroPoints to help me create a topography study of my 154 acre listing. I’ll have a preliminary siteplan for an approval of a special use permit with the County and a roadway easement with the BLM.

The current interstate highway expansion is going to be helpful secondary right of ways.

All your FAQs, answered.

You can buy them either directly from Propeller Aero or from one of our partners. Buy online here, or contact us to find a partner near you.

If you’re an existing AeroPoints customer, you can buy single AeroPoints as additional ground control points or just want to keep as a spare.

Likewise, if you are a Propeller PPK customer, you can purchase additional units in packs of 1 or 5.

For new AeroPoints customers, the minimum pack size is 10. AeroPoints are known to deliver reliable, accurate data every time. The more AeroPoints you use, the more coverage you’ll receive through redundancy if they are accidentally moved or covered. Additionally, more AeroPoints means even higher accuracy and extra data for checkpoint verification.

For AeroPoints to work, you need to maintain a subscription to the Propeller Corrections Network, which is included with your purchase for the first 12 months.

After the first year, if you have a current Propeller Platform license, you get the Network subscription for free.

If you aren’t using the Propeller Platform, the Network subscription is just $600 USD / year.

Yes, we make the control point data easy to export in CSV, KML, and PDF formats.

Even if you do your own processing, you can upload the mapping outputs (orthomosaics and DEMs) for visualization, sharing, and measuring in Propeller’s industry-leading platform.

For customers using base station networks, data can be available in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the network you are using. For customers using the known-point method, corrections can be available instantly.

In all other cases, data are available within 24 hours after uploading. This varies based on local providers and, in many places, it’s much faster – contact us to find out typical times in your area.

AeroPoints work from 0ºF (-20ºC) up to 122ºF (50ºC) ambient temperature.

AeroPoints are dust proof, and can tolerate moderate rain.

AeroPoints are currently in stock and ship following a 48-hour processing period. Shipping times do vary based upon your location. If you would like to order some AeroPoints, please get in touch with the team to place your order.

A set of 10 AeroPoints will deliver accurate results on areas up to 180 acres (80 hectares). Even for the smallest surveys, such as a single building, we still recommend putting out all of your AeroPoints – it’s easy to do, and gives you the ability to verify accuracy and avoid accidental movement or obstruction that could ruin your survey.

We recommend two sets of AeroPoints (20 total) for high accuracy on areas up to 360 acres (145 hectares).

If you’re using the latest model of AeroPoints (AeroPoints 2), the minimum capture time is 10 minutes.

For customers using the older generation of AeroPoints, we recommend they stay active for at least 45 minutes to record enough positioning data sets to be survey-grade accurate.

If you’re using a mixed fleet of AeroPoint 1s and 2s, you should follow the 45-minute guideline to achieve the best results.

We offer a standard one-year international warranty that starts at the date of initial activation. Within that time, we will replace faulty AeroPoints, if necessary.

Activation of a secondhand AeroPoint does not reset the warranty start date.

Propeller’s AeroPoints work everywhere in the world where there’s solid ground and sky.

If they are in range of our Corrections Network, they will automatically deliver survey-grade accuracy, but there are a number of other methods you can use. Read here to learn how.

The height in the report is the top of the AeroPoint. That’s the point you use in the georeferencing process when you have the AeroPoint in the survey images.

If you’re processing images that contain a stencil mark or ground marker (i.e. the point the AeroPoint was placed over), you will need to subtract the thickness of the AeroPoint from the report height:

  • AeroPoint 1s are 32mm
  • AeroPoint 2s are 26mm

You can download the survey report in CSV format and use Excel to subtract 0.032m or 0.026m (0.105ft) from the elevation you use.

Note that if you use Propeller’s cloud processing, we’ll handle this for you.

AeroPoints customers have access to tech support. This includes 24-hour chat support through the AeroPoints processing portal and email support during Propeller business hours (7am–5pm MST; 9am–5pm AEST).

With the release of AeroPoint 2s, there are now two distinct versions of the AeroPoint smart ground control product. You can use both together when capturing drone survey data. In general, when using a mixed fleet of AeroPoints, we recommend defaulting to the best practices for data capture using AeroPoint 1s.

If you plan to add or replace AeroPoints in your fleet, it’s important to understand how the different versions will function together. You can learn more about the differences between the two versions here.

The AeroPoints app is not compatible with the original AeroPoints 1. To take advantage of the app, you will need to upgrade to AeroPoints 2.

The European Union has passed legislation restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products.

This legislation, known as the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, places restrictions on the use of lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

In accordance with this directive, Propeller Aerobotics Pty. is pleased to announce that AeroPoints are being manufactured as RoHS-compliant.

Download a PDF of the Declaration of Conformity here.

If you are buying secondhand AeroPoints, please be aware that they may not be covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

The seller should guarantee that the secondhand AeroPoints are of an acceptable quality. Meaning that they are:

  • Safe and free from defects
  • Acceptable in appearance and finish
  • Capable of adequately performing the job that the user would expect

Before you buy, it is a good idea to:

  • See if the products have a current manufacturer’s warranty that you can take over.
  • Ask questions about the product’s age, any wear and tear, or faults – keep a copy of the seller’s answers.
  • Ask the seller if they kept the original receipt or a copy of it.
  • Confirm with the previous owner if there is a valid AeroPoints subscription and be prepared to pay the $600 annual fee if a valid subscription does not exist

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