Smart Ground Control Points for Drone Surveying

A game-changing technology that makes acquiring survey-grade data from drones simple and inexpensive. Ground Control is an essential component in ensuring accurate maps and models are generated from your drone’s images.

The world’s first smart Ground  Control Points

Unique design purpose built for drone surveying, with solar panel, batteries, GPS unit and wifi built inside a rugged yet lightweight board that can be carried under one arm.

Wireless Connectivity

One-button activation lets you use a wifi connection or a mobile hotspot to upload position data.

Fully Solar Powered

With a powerful solar panel, AeroPoints will never run out of batteries while capturing position data.

Exceptional Durability

AeroPoints are water, shock and weather resistant. Their LiFePO₄ batteries are high temperature, impact, puncture and aviation safe.

Incredible Accuracy

Inbuilt PPK gives you global/absolute accuracy down to 2cm.

Visual Ground Control

Our tested checkerboard pattern is visible from the air and won’t blow out on overexposed photos

Integration & Speed

Our processing servers will have precision points ready – usually just minutes after uploading.

How AeroPoints work

  1. 1

    Position your AeroPoints

    evenly around your survey area and activate using single button

  2. 2

    Fly your drone

    over the survey area.

  3. 3

    Pick up your AeroPoints

    When they're in range of wifi or a phone hotspot, they'll automatically upload their position data, and then enter deep standby.

  4. 4

    Log into your dashboard

    download the points to use in your regular processing software – or upload your photos to your Propeller portal and use our integrated cloud processing engine to finish the job.

In the field

Australian UAV save time and money with AeroPoints

“There’s no more need for awkward and expensive survey gear. We can show up on site, quickly disperse the AeroPoints and then fly.”


The Best Part?

AeroPoints system integrates with Propeller’s cloud processing and hosting

If you’d rather leave the boring bits to us, just upload your geotagged photos to our cloud processing engine – your mapping will be precision georeferenced and ready to share on your custom Propeller portal within 24 hours.

Order your AeroPoints

AeroPoints are available for purchase. Buy your set now to ensure you don’t miss out!

Set Standard Extended
AeroPoints included airpoint x10 airpoint x20
Maximum survey area 120ha (300 acres) 350ha (850 acres)
Full price (does not include shipping) $6,000 $10,000
*All prices quoted are in US Dollars (USD) and do not include taxes Order now Order now

Got any questions?

Visit AeroPoints FAQ for more answers

Also Included


AeroPoints Bags

AeroPoints come packed in a durable, hi-vis bags, making them easy to store and carry.

Corrections Network Access

With every set of AeroPoints you will get 12 months of access to Propeller Corrections Network.

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