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Turn drone flight images into meaningful, shareable data with Propeller 

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Cloud software for commercial drone data

Propeller is the most efficient online platform for businesses using drones 

With our powerful analytic tools, stunning 3D visualisations and a simple user interface, Propeller lets you manage drone survey data from your browser.

You have surveys and inspections. Propeller is the best way to use and share them.

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Compatible with any drone and any camera.

Best in class 2D and 3D measurements.

Unlimited imagery resolution.

Maps and models comprised of datasets up to 5000 photos.

Support available over phone, email and in-app chat.

Powerful and fast data processing - checked by a specialist.

Invite decision makers and stakeholders to view and use your data portal. Propeller makes it easy to:

Deliver better surveys

  • Check volumes instantly
  • Explore in 3D
  • Track changes over time

Create useful inspections
  • Add annotations 
  • See full resolution stills 
  • Generate reports

Take advantage of our industry-leading features

Collaborate with teams and clients

Create your online data portal

Create your own customisable portal in minutes, no software or download required. 

Powered by Propeller, this portal allows you to process, host, analyse and share drone survey data in the cloud.

Propeller saves me time by giving me comprehensive, easy-to-access information about a site before I visit it. It allows me to calculate distances, volume and track changes whenever and wherever I need to.

Propeller has streamlined the post-flight side of my business, from processing data, delivering it to my clients and making it easy for them to access. The interface is great - people can actually use the data I give them straight away.”

How we're working with industry and enterprise clients

We're changing the game with AeroPoints: 

the world's first smart ground control points

We're changing the game with AeroPoints: 

the world's first smart ground control points

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