3 Signs Your Business is Ready for Drone Surveying

Contractors have historically been slow to adopt new technology, but that trend is changing. According to the 2020 CIO Survey from KPMG, there’s now a clear gap between digital leaders in any industry and their less techy competitors. 

The survey shows that digital leaders outperform their competitors in operational efficiency, customer experience, and employee satisfaction. They’re also more effective than others at using the data they have. 

So there’s a clear advantage to adopting the right technology before everyone else does. But how do you know if your business is ready?

Here are the top three signs your business is ready to start drone surveying.

Drone flying over landfill

#1: Tough competition

If you’re losing bids or running into fierce competition, drone surveying can set you apart.

Becoming a digital leader goes a long way toward impressing potential clients and giving you a competitive edge. Studies show that digital leaders are 27% more effective than their competitors at leveraging data to improve their operations. They also gain a 12-14% bump in customer trust and overall experience.

And then there’s the operational boost of fast, frequent surveys. Drone surveying yields high-accuracy pre-bid topos without the hassle and price tag of a full survey team. Your bid will include 3D images and precise projections about the work required to achieve a design, and you’ll know exactly how much wiggle room you have on price.

#2: More complex projects

Construction projects are notoriously complicated. Tight project schedules, narrow margins, unexpected complications, and lots of stakeholders can make even a simple earthworks project feel like moving mountains.

As project complexity increases, technology moves from simply being nice to have to a necessity. Drone surveying provides quick access to regular survey data that helps prevent re-work and keep everyone on the same page. Daily reports from the field are the #1 desired use of mobile tech for contractors, and it’s easy to see why.

Easy-to-read 3D maps with survey-grade accuracy make for quick decision-making—an essential benefit when the landscape of a project is literally changing every day.

3d site map in Propeller

#3: High turnover

According to the 2021 Construction Outlook Survey from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 54% of firms struggle to fill both salaried and hourly craft positions, and nearly 60% of firms worry about the skilled labor shortage moving forward.

In a time that’s been dubbed The Great Resignation, firms can’t afford to lose talent—but construction has one of the highest turnover rates of any industry.

On top of that, as the construction workforce ages into retirement, only one new worker enters the field for every two that retire. And while firms often recognize the value of new tech, lack of staff can prevent them from using it. According to the annual ConTech Report from JBKnowledge, more than 35% of contractors cite staffing challenges as the most limiting factor in adopting new technology.

Future-proofing your workforce means attracting both skilled workers and younger employees, and innovative technology appeals to both groups.

Construction workers on an earthworks site

Tech can also help bridge the gap when your workforce is light. Save your surveyors for when and where they’re needed most, and let drones do the drudgery or navigate unstable terrain. Drone surveying helps free up your existing resources to focus on the big picture.


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