Harness the Power of Efficiency: How Hinterlang Saves Time and Soars with Propeller

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Welcome to the world of Hinterlang, a reliable partner in building, civil engineering, and road construction projects since 1932. With a team of 140 dedicated professionals, they are serving clients from various sectors, including the private sector, municipalities, and commercial customers.

Despite having a surveying team consisting of just three members, Hinterlang has successfully optimized their surveying processes, boosting overall efficiency. Responsible for surveying, invoicing, and construction planning, civil engineers Lukas Plaum and Sven Laube sat down with us to share how they have embraced new workflows to streamline their day-to-day responsibilities.

Read Hinterlang’s story to find out how smart surveying is saving the company time and capacity, as well as identifying errors early on to avoid costly and time-consuming rework.

Increased Efficiency Despite Limited Team Capacity

In the past, surveying used to consume a significant amount of time and resources for Hinterlang, hampering regular operations. Manually laying out and measuring ground points proved was cumbersome, leading to occasional inaccuracies.

Data processing presented its own set of challenges for the surveying team, demanding extensive time and computing power. Realizing that handling the survey data internally was too time-consuming for their small team, they sought a solution that could save time while improving the accuracy of their survey data.

Enter Propeller, an end-to-end smart survey workflow, complete with outsourced data processing and an analytics platform that makes powerful insights accessible to the entire team.

“Mapping bigger worksites used to take five days, now we do it in one day. Not only are we faster, but the data is more accurate than before. The smooth processing by the Propeller team has impressed us since the first site survey,” says Lukas Plaum.

Road Construction

Drone Surveying Becomes Commonplace for Hinterlang

The adoption of drone surveying has become a regular practice for Hinterlang, particularly in civil engineering projects and road construction. It has given them a significant competitive edge in tendering, allowing them to provide more accurate quotations to their clients.

“The drone surveying workflow has become indispensable for us,” says Sven Laube.

Time saved by the drone survey workflow has empowered the survey team to focus on critical tasks, such as invoicing. Propeller streamlines the invoicing process, providing precise data and clear visualizations of the project’s progress. 

“Since Propeller invoicing became an accurate and error-free task that is easy and much faster than with conventional methods,” says Sven Laube.

Orthophoto of construction site in Propeller

Identifying And Avoiding Errors At An Early Stage

Beyond surveying, Propeller is also an invaluable tool for construction planning at Hinterlang. By layering the construction plans on the 3D map of the original site, Lukas and Sven can detect errors early in the process, avoiding potential costly mistakes later on.

“We are already catching errors in the office, rather than out in the field,” reports Lukas.

Measurements in Propeller

Improved Internal Communication

Furthermore, Propeller’s maps have become a meeting ground for the Hinterlang team. The cloud-based platform allows stakeholders to access project data effortlessly, regardless of their location, eliminating the need for significant computing resources.

“Thanks to Propeller’s drone surveying solution, we have been able to optimize our workflow, reduce costs and improve the quality of our services.” says Lukas Plaum.


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