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Propeller and DJI have teamed up to create the most reliable, fully integrated system for collecting highly accurate drone data on your worksite—without the hassle and complications of traditional surveying workflows.

Consistent results. Quantifiable savings.

Map, measure, manage your worksite with Propeller PPK


Using DJI’s new high-precision Phantom 4 RTK drone, your drone will be equipped with a GPS unit that delivers 110ft (3cm) accuracy with the reliability of post-processed data.

Forget complex surveying equipment and prevent human error with an AeroPoint. A rugged, lightweight ground verification point with one-button operation. Just lay one out near your takeoff point, and they’ll do their job.

Stop slogging through the complex process of aftermarket PPK solutions and use Propeller’s streamlined processing—just one upload of your drone data and you’re on your way to highly accurate drone data.

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Finally, an easy-to-use drone solution

with survey accuracy of 1/10ft


Simply activate and drop one AeroPoint verification point on the ground near your takeoff point.


Fly your DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone using a preprogrammed flight path.

view data on the Propeller Platform

After a single upload, we process your data and make it viewable on the Propeller Platform.

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  • 1 Phantom 4 Pro RTK
  • 1 AeroPoint, smart ground control point
  • 1 AeroStencil, to create permanent GCPs
  • 1 Accessories Pack (2 batteries, 1 charging hub)
  • DJI Shield one-year Protection Plan


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How do I get my Propeller PPK set up?

To get started please visit DJI Assistant and download the latest firmware.

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