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Propeller PPK Drone Solution

Survey-grade accuracy, without the hassle and expense.


How Propeller does PPK

Propeller PPK (post-processed kinematic) is a processing automation solution designed to minimize time in the field and make accuracy an easy, affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Survey your site

Fly your site using one of our supported drones and AeroPoints as your smart ground control solution to capture highly accurate, geotagged aerial images for drone mapping.

Upload your drone data

Drag and drop your flight data into Propeller, and we’ll transform your survey into a 3D map of your worksite using our proprietary drone PPK and photogrammetry solution.

Measure with precision

Within 24 hours, you’ll have a processed dataset waiting in your inbox that’s been QA’d by our team of GIS experts. Review the accuracy report to verify the results and start measuring with confidence.

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Propeller PPK drone system features

Simple user workflow

Harness the power of a fully-integrated solution

  • Carefully curated list of best-in-class drones, serving a range of needs and use cases
  • Seamless compatibility between hardware and software systems
  • Personalized onboarding and training to ensure success
  • Reduced in-field time and less ground control needed

Verifiable, survey-grade accuracy

Results within 1/10 ft (3cm)

  • Onboard GPS data corrected against AeroPoint data to deliver verifiable results
  • Incorporated checkshots for an independent layer of verification
  • Flexible support for coordinate systems, including CORS, survey benchmark, PPP, and your own RINEX

Drag-and-drop processing

Best-in-class PPK and photogrammetry

  • Drag-and-drop data upload process for a simplified workflow
  • Automated drone PPK geotag processing and photogrammetry
  • Comprehensive processing reports provided for every survey
  • 98% surveys processed within 12 hours

Anywhere, anytime access

24/7 support from wherever you are

  • Hotspot-enabled data uploading for on-the-go drone PPK workflows
  • Cloud-based access to personalized dashboards to view and export flyover data
  • Highly-skilled geodetic experts on demand 24/7

Сustomer reviews:

Brian-Leppo GPS Coordinator

Propeller has changed the way our site department does business.

We have tried multiple platforms and drones. The Propeller PPK workflow changed the game for us.

Brian Leppo

GPS Coordinator, Conewago Enterprises

Loren-Otto- Airborn-Insight

We love the Propeller PPK workflow

It’s very reliable, and we know that we’re going to get a good result. It’s more reliable because sometimes RTK drops out.

Loren Otto

Co-founder & Director, Airborn Insight

Justin Russell from Fiore

Most of the time, it’s way more accurate than a tenth of a foot.

I have a sidewalk on the exterior of one site that obviously doesn’t move. I just run a quick calc of an area on that sidewalk and most of the time it’s the same to two to three hundredths of a foot every time.

Justin Russell

Head of Survey, Fiore & Sons

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