Drone Solutions for the Aggregates Industry

Make better informed decisions faster and safer using accurate drone data

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Use the Propeller Platform to make your drone data readable and actionable. Aggregates companies worldwide are tracking job progress, monitoring quality, and resolving disputes easier than ever before.

By making drone data both accurate and easy to use, the Propeller Platform enables quarry staff to use drones to improve a wide range of operations, from inventory management to blasting and extraction planning. And with our AeroPoints™, you can easily establish accurate, reliable ground control.

stockpile volume measurement in a quarry

Know your site’s status more frequently

Measure stockpile, pit, and blast volumes in a few clicks. Never walk a pile again. Drone surveying takes a few hours and your data is ready to access from your browser in 24 hours. Propeller’s easy-to-navigate interface lets you track production without pausing operations.

quarry haul road measured using drone data

Monitor haul roads and pit faces remotely

Ensure safety compliance by monitoring haul roads survey to survey. Improve efficiency by optimizing roads for fuel burn. Inspect and measure bench and overall pit angles without sending someone on site. In Propeller you can view the 3D survey and individual high-resolution images from drone flight.

equipment inspection in aaggregate quarry

Inspect equipment and monitor contractors

Use high-resolution imagery of your site to easily and remotely perform crushing equipment inspections. Closely monitor plant upgrades and contractor payment works with every survey. Track and mark off environmental hazards for everyone on your team to see.

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Learn how Propeller’s drone data analytics solutions can streamline workflows to save time and money by closing the information gap between you and your quarry.

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Drone Data Analytics Aggregates

Drones and Propeller Help to Keep Track of Boral’s Peppertree Quarry

Boral’s Peppertree Quarry is the company’s newest hard rock aggregate site, which commenced operations in 2014. Peppertree Quarry provides a major supply of aggregate material for the Sydney and wider NSW building and construction markets, including Boral’s own downstream concrete and asphalt production. This video shows how team at Peppertree Quarry use drone data and Propeller to manage and optimize their daily operations.

The Propeller PPK Solution

Get accurate, verifiable survey data for your quarry, minus the hassle and expense


“I like the DJI Propeller PPK workflow for our quarry operations due to its high level of accuracy and easy of use with the need for only one AeroPoint. Quarry conditions are always changing and this is a safe and effective way of surveying compared to other workflows”

JB Haydon, Owner of Haydon Materials

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