Drone solutions for aggregates industry

Make better informed decisions faster and safer using accurate drone data

Aggregates industry leaders and innovators worldwide use Propeller daily to get the most benefit from drones they now use as routine part of their quarry operations.

By making drone data both accurate and easy to use, Propeller has enabled quarry staff to use drones to improve a wide range of operations, from inventory management to blasting and extraction planning.

stockpile volume measurement in a quarry

Measure stockpile, pit and blast volumes in minutes

Track your material production without needing to pause operations. Most quarries can be accurately surveyed using drones in less than an hour, with the data in the Propeller Platform ready to measure and create reports within a day.

quarry haul road measured using drone data

Keep a close eye on haul roads and pit faces

Use Propeller’s Line Tool to quickly measure road grades and windrow heights to check they conform to design and safety requirements. Measure bench and overall pit angles safely and accurately.

equipment inspection in aaggregate quarry

Inspect equipment and monitor contractors

Use high resolution imagery of your site to easily and remotely perform crushing equipment inspections or to closely monitor plant upgrades and contractor payment works.


Six Smart Ways Aggregates Businesses are Using Drones

In 2017, drones have emerged as a must-have worksite tool. Regular drone surveys provide up-to-date information to site managers, project stakeholders and contractors, helping open-cut mines and quarries all over the world better manage their production, assets and land.

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Monthly Reconciliations Made Easy With Drone Data

Getting accurate stockpile volumes to complete year-end reconciliations can be a fiddly and time-consuming task.

With UAV surveying and Propeller’s cloud-based site intelligence platform, mine and quarry managers can measure stockpiles, calculate tonnage, and complete their month-end reconciliations in minutes, not days.

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site heatmap for reconcilliation

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