Propeller PPK with DJI’s Mavic 3 Enterprise (M3E)

An accurate, affordable, and reliable drone for your site survey needs.

DJI M3E hovering

Efficiently map your site, large or small, with the affordable M3E drone

DJI’s M3E is an easy-to-fly quadcopter drone at an affordable price that fits your survey, estimating, or project management budget.

The M3E is the latest DJI drone compatible with the Propeller PPK workflow. It’s easy to operate, reliable in the field for sites of most sizes, and reasonably priced, making it an ideal entry point into drone surveying.

Why fly the M3E?

DJI is a leader in drone and aerial imaging technology. The M3E is their newest, entry-level enterprise offering since the P4RTK in 2018 that’s highly suitable for precision site mapping in the civil construction, aggregates, mining, and waste management industries.

If you’re looking to implement a drone surveying program for your earthworks operations—or expand an existing one—with a user-friendly, affordable investment, the M3E with Propeller PPK is a great fit.

Benefits of Propeller PPK with M3E

Better in low light

The camera sensor has larger pixels, enabling it to take higher quality images in lower light conditions. You can fly later or earlier in the day and still get survey-grade images.

Professional controls

The state-of-the-art remote controller, which incorporates the DJI Pilot 2 flight planning app, is larger and has a brighter screen making it easier to use, especially on sunny days.

Survey-quality imaging

The M3E combines a 4/3 inch, 20 MP sensor and wide-angle lens with a 24mm equivalent focal length to deliver clear, consistent imaging every time you fly. The M3E has a mechanical shutter with a 0.7-second shot interval, meaning it can take almost four times as many photos in the same timeframe as some other drones, meaning you can map your worksite faster.

Faster battery charging

Mavic 3 Enterprise has a 100-watt, fast charging setup which allows you to charge its batteries from 0 to 80% in 40 minutes, allowing for a 25- to 30-minute flight time.

Get the most for your money

As a survey-quality drone, M3E enables you to take advantage of the speed and accuracy that come with drone surveying, at a competitive price.

Improved collision avoidance

The M3E’s “omnidirectional vision system” provides six crash sensors (compared to three on the P4RTK), making the possibility of a collision less likely. You can also manually adjust the distance as needed.

Propeller PPK is changing the landscape of site surveying

Survey sites safely and accurately—with less time and cost. Propeller PPK combined with DJI’s M3E creates a processing automation solution that allows you to efficiently map faster and further. These two solutions work together to reduce time spent in the field, deliver pinpoint accuracy, and improve your site surveys with each flight.

DJI M3E and Propeller AeroPoints
Ready to make survey data simpler, faster, and smarter with Propeller’s PPK workflow?