Meet Your Territory Sales Manager: Shaun MacIntosh

Shaun MacIntosh, Territory Manager

Get to know Propeller’s world-class team in our ongoing employee spotlight series. Today, we talk to Shaun MacIntosh, who serves as a territory sales manager for the Northwestern United States and Western Canada. 

You have a background in biology and ecology research. How did those experiences influence your move to Propeller?

My academic background in biology, particularly in ecology research across diverse landscapes, equipped me with a strong foundation in scientific methodology and data analysis. It was this blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application that I brought to Propeller. My familiarity with field and lab research methodologies laid a solid groundwork for understanding the intricacies of survey data processing and analysis, a skill set that became invaluable in my transition to the tech world. 

How has your role evolved at Propeller over time?

When I started at Propeller in 2019, my focus was primarily on survey data processing for North America. As our customer base expanded, my responsibilities evolved into more hands-on, frontline support. I found myself engaging directly with our clients, not just to assist with their data sets but to proactively guide them on optimizing the use of our technology.

This proactive approach gradually led to a shift in my role towards solution consulting, where I began collaborating closely with our sales team, conducting evaluations, and providing tailored solutions to our clients. Eventually, this journey grew into managing a region, SITECH relationships, and mentoring a team—a testament to the ongoing growth we’ve experienced at Propeller.

Today, I’m still focused on matching project teams on construction sites, mines, quarries, and landfills with smart solutions that make their jobs simpler, faster, and smarter. 

Describe your approach with new customers. Where do you start? 

The beauty of Propeller lies in its versatility—of customers, use cases, and benefits. Each customer brings a unique set of challenges and needs to the table. To cater to these diverse requirements, I’ve adopted an approach centered around asking the right questions. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Some customers seek efficiency gains, while others may be entirely new to the world of 3D mapping and drone surveying. Understanding their business rhythms allows me to advise them on how to leverage our tools effectively within their organization.

What changes have you observed in the sentiment towards drone surveying during your time at Propeller?

The transformation has been remarkable. Initially, there was skepticism and a need to sell clients on the potential of drone surveying. However, over time, it has shifted from a conceptual sale to a practical application for the industries we serve. 

Looking ahead, where do you see the future of work sites heading, particularly with the adoption of technology like drone surveying?

The trajectory seems to be steering towards a landscape where remote-controlled machinery takes center stage, reducing the reliance on traditional manpower. With technologies like drone surveying offering unparalleled efficiency and precision, work sites are likely to undergo a significant transformation. We’ll witness increased automation and accuracy, reshaping how tasks are executed and managed.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role at Propeller?

The most fulfilling part of my role is being the conduit for exciting updates and feature releases within our toolset. I find immense satisfaction in showcasing the capabilities of our technology and witnessing the tangible impact it has on our clients’ operations. There’s a certain joy that comes from helping our customers leverage the innovations coming from our product and engineering team to their fullest potential.


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