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Mines around the world get the maximum ROI out of their drone operations with Propeller. Reduce cost and streamline workflows with its reliable data processing, intuitive design, and accurate progress tracking tools.

The Propeller Platform improves mine efficiency and enables better collaboration, while reducing cost and safety risks. Accessible from your web browser, you can measure stockpile volumes, check road grades, generate topo maps, and track progress against design in minutes. And, with our AeroPoints, easily establish accurate, reliable ground control.

drone data compare against pit design

Track progress against design

Upload design surfaces to visually track progress against your 3D site survey and see how far you’ve got to go. Compare one survey to another to see changes over time. Spot nonconformance issues before they become expensive.

pit volume calculation in a mine

Accurately calculate stockpile and pit volumes in seconds

Forget sending someone out to walk a pile. Measure your volumes in seconds on the Propeller Platform. Shave hours off your workflow and get better estimates on your inventory. Make huge write-offs a thing of the past.

drone survey

Save time and reduce risk

Fly as often as you need. Complete site surveys in hours instead of days. Get your results in 24 hours. Use Propeller to plan blasting and extraction and monitor haul roads with easy-to-use measurement tools and 3D visuals.

aerial drone survey mining

Six Smart Ways Mining and Aggregates Businesses are Using Drones

In 2017, drones have emerged as a must-have worksite tool. Regular drone surveys provide up-to-date information to site managers, project stakeholders and contractors, helping open-cut mines and quarries all over the world better manage their production, assets and land.

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Making Stockpile Reports Even Easier

Propeller’s latest features make it easy for worksite teams to measure stockpiles and produce stockpile reports themselves—cheaply, easily, and as often as they like. Check out our blog article about using drone technology to create accurate and detailed stockpile reports within minutes.

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generating stockpile reports from drone data f

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