How Drone Data Can Improve Your Haul Road Management

Fixing Your Haul Roads Before They Become a Problem

Haul road management isn’t always at the top of the priority list for mine and quarry managers. Once the road is designed and cut, it often isn’t thought about again until someone reports a problem.

But by the time a complaint is lodged, a washed out switchback could have already put your team at risk and a steep grade could already be costing you thousands in unnecessary diesel fuel.

Using drone data and the Propeller Platform, managers who fly their entire site regularly can ensure the safety and efficiency of their roads quickly and easily—without sending out a dedicated road survey team.


Performing Regular Safety Checks

Windrow Heights

Windrows are an important barrier to maintain beside all haul roads that are close to slopes. In order to check windrow heights on the Propeller Platform, simply use the line/cross-section tool.

measuring windrow using drone data



Switchbacks are at risk of being washed out by rain or overuse. Find out which ones need to be maintained using 2D image view available within the Propeller Platform.


Grade, Elevation, Surface Length

Most safe haul roads should have a grade of less than 10%. To determine if your roads meet this requirement, use the line tool to see the grade, elevation, and surface length of your road. Add segments for curves in the road for the highest level of accuracy.

haul road management: evaluating road grade

It’s worth noting that shallow roads demand less diesel than steep roads. Maintaining a shallow grade wherever possible could help your site save money on diesel fuel each month.


Planning and Building with Confidence

When expanding your site to new areas, haul road design is essential. Propeller helps teams figure out the most efficient way to design and integrate the new transportation plan with the current one. Overlay site design files with the current drone survey to have an overview of the entire project and calculate the most efficient haul routes.

overlaying design files over a site map on Propeller Platform

Whether you’re maintaining safety, decreasing diesel costs, or expanding your site—haul road management is easy with Propeller.


Want to use Propeller for haul road management? Get in touch with us to find a Propeller solution that suits your needs.



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