How Trimble Stratus Integrates with Trimble Business Center

In July 2017, Propeller announced our partnership with global leader in positioning technologies Trimble. One of the many great things that came from that partnership was Trimble Stratus. If you’re not a user, odds are you’ve still come across Trimble technology on site.

We get lots of questions from Propeller customers and interested parties about how exactly Trimble Stratus integrates with Trimble Business Center (TBC). We built Trimble Stratus, a visualization and analytics platform powered by Propeller, to easily integrate and export data.

For TBC, the integration couldn’t be more straightforward. We’ll be going over some common integrations here, but if you need help with a specific topic not listed here, check out our help articles.

TTM compatibility

Trimble Stratus is fully compatible with TTM files. The platform directly accepts TTMs and you can export your drone surface into a TTM as well.

This makes exporting your data into VisionLink a snap—whether you’re using that drone surface to fill in the gaps of data for machine control or on your rovers with a visual display to easily check the quality of your work and ensure things are going to spec.

Croppable TTM files

A related TTM feature is the ability to crop specific parts of your 3D site survey into individual TTM files.

This is very useful if you’re interested in only one part of the terrain or need to use a smaller file for focused day-to-day work. To get this, it’s as easy as drawing a boundary around the area of interest and clicking Export and TTM File.

trimble stratus business centre


Using Trimble .JXLs without converting

The second big area of compatibility is .JXL support in Trimble Stratus.

You don’t need to shift, scale, or rotate data after you import. Local calibrations are compatible from the get go. This means the datasets you produce when flying your site are compatible with TBC.

Push data directly to Trimble Connect

Lastly, the data you capture can be pushed to Trimble Connect directly from your Trimble Stratus online portal.

You can send data fast, and someone on the Trimble Connect side can download that data for their equipment without ever logging into Trimble Stratus. It’s just a matter of a few clicks.

trimble status integrate to trimble business centre



Want to learn more about Trimble Stratus? Check Trimble’s website for details.



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