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Komatsu Partners with Propeller to Bring Enterprise-Grade Drone Analytics Solutions to Construction Industry

| 02.08.2018

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with Komatsu America Corp. to boost the efficiency of construction job sites using drone-powered mapping and analytics software.

Propeller Aero partners with Komatsu America

With drones becoming an increasingly common worksite tool, Komatsu has identified aerial mapping and analytics as a key component of their Smart Construction initiative—a range of integrated hardware and software products designed to offer an end-to-end workflow for each phase of construction.

“A Komatsu Smart Construction jobsite, by definition, is technology enhanced and production optimized,” says Sr. Product Manager Jason Anetsberger at Komatsu America Corp. “Adding Propeller Aero as one of our key partners gives our North American distributors and customers alike exceptional capabilities to achieve this standard in the aerial mapping space. Propeller’s combination of simple yet powerful analysis tools and accurate yet speedy site visualization equates to undisputable value.”

Komatsu America Corp. spent several years testing commercial drone mapping and analytics products in North America before choosing to partner with Propeller, deeming it an exceptionally robust product on the market and well-suited to meet the needs of modern construction operations.

Komatsu America testing drone data solutions provided by Propeller Aero

Propeller’s processing machinery crunches thousands of drone images in hours, and delivers the results as a cloud-based 3D model right to the user’s desktop or tablet.

“Worksites are starting to see the real benefits of accurate, up-to-date drone data,” says Propeller’s Vice President of Business Development John Frost. “That’s why we’re building tools and workflows designed for experts and non-experts alike. It’s all about empowering worksites with information that can reduce costs, improve safety, and make the most efficient use of resources.”

Read the full press release here.


Komatsu America Corp. is a US subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd., the world’s second largest manufacturer and supplier of earth-moving equipment, consisting of construction, mining, and compact construction equipment. Through its distributor network, Komatsu offers a state-of-the-art parts and service program to support its equipment. Komatsu has proudly been providing high-quality reliable products for nearly a century.

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