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The Value of Interoperability and Partnerships

| 14.03.2023

As projects in the construction industry become more diverse and complex, technology is playing a more prominent role in problem solving and troubleshooting. Drone surveying platforms like Propeller that can be used in partnership with other software programs, such as those from Autodesk, are helping to provide more accurate data that can be used to develop solutions for issues that arise on a current project, or even a past one. Interoperability provides better data analysis and allows contractors to make timely and fact-based decisions to fix a problem. 

In this case study developed by our partner, Autodesk, you can read how general contractor Rogers-O’Brien used their Propeller drone survey data with Autodesk’s InfoDrainage software to quickly and accurately solve a flooding problem that developed at a school they built nearly five years earlier. 

Read the Autodesk case study

Being able to manage and analyze your data in a timely manner is vital for successful project management and stakeholder collaboration. Digital solutions, like software partnerships, provide an opportunity for improved processes and problem solving ability. Being able to export your data from the Propeller Platform quickly and easily means you can continue important workflows throughout, or, in the case of Rogers-O’Brien, after the project lifecycle.

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