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Propeller saves me time by giving me comprehensive, easy-to-access information about a site before I visit it. I allows me to accurately calculate distances, volume and track changes whenever and wherever I need to.

Get the data you can trust

Propeller enables industrial companies to capture, analyze and share accurate visual information about any site, quickly, safely and inexpensively.

Confidently track changes over time
Repeat surveys to create a powerful time machine for your work site. Backed by AeroPoints technology, you can watch precise changes and validate progress.

Collaborate securely and visually

Share and manage unlimited users. With tools for sharing measurements, reports, screenshots and annotations, discover how drone data can instantly replace site visits and paperwork.

Propeller drone solutions for mining, construction, quarries and waste management

A whole new way of managing your work sites


Drones are safer, cheaper and can be just as accurate as traditional surveying. When you use Propeller together with regular drone flights, you’ll be:

Keeping your personnel safe
Access high quality visualizations of hazardous areas, captured without the need to send your staff or surveyors into those areas.

Minimising disruptions to your site
Carry out inspections during normal operations, without disrupting workflows or sacrificing productivity.

Decreasing overheads while improving communications

Access and analyze your data easily online - no external consultants or expensive software required.

The future is already here

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Take advantage of drone technology 

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How it works

Propeller is the cloud platform that helps industrial companies use drone-captured data. It's simple:

1. Use a drone to capture a survey or inspection.

If you don't have a drone we can help you choose a survey-grade one or we can connect you to a certified drone operator from our partners network. 

2. Upload your data to Propeller - we’ll process and check it within the day.

3. You’ll get a notification as soon as your survey or inspection is online.

4. Log in to your Propeller portal to view your site in 3D. Measure, analyze, generate reports and share data with just a few clicks.

work site manager uses Propeller to analyze and share drone data

Propeller's high speed cloud processing engine delivers quality visual data that your stakeholders can easily use and understand.

Complete solution for data capture, processing and analysis 

Propeller partners with DJI, the world's leading drone maker, to deliver the best industrial drone hardware. We also work with your existing setup.

accurate position data with AeroPoints ground control points
Propeller and DJI
Propeller cloud processing platform for drone data

Propeller's AeroPoints are unique smart ground control points for reliable survey-grade accuracy across different sites and drones.

Drone survey bundles for centimeter-level accuracy

Use high performance tools designed specifically for surveying purposes. Our bundles combine industrial-grade drones from leading global manufacturer DJI and AeroPoints smart ground control system.

AeroPoints and DJI M100 drone survey bundle

Industry's best software for measuring, analyzing and sharing your data

Calculate volumes, grades and slopes in 3D. Annotate inspections and create reports. Import and export the file types you need - and so much more.

Propeller processing software for UAV data

How Propeller works across industries

“Up-to-date technology in the quarrying sector, which has helped Hanson with real-life stockpile reconciliations. I’d definitely recommend Propeller.”

Scott Lean


Propeller aero for quarrying testimonial

"In a world driven by access to rapidly acquired data, the Mining, Oil and Gas industries are waking up to the benefits provided by UAV/Drone remote sensing. All our data is processed and presented on Propeller's user-friendly platform."

Mitch Beck

UAV West

Propeller aero for drones in mining testimonial

“Most of our clients don't use GIS tools. Propeller provides an easy-to-use online tool for our clients to view their maps, with great visualisation and navigation.”

Andrew Nolan

Digital Falcon

propeller aero for UAV industries
Propeller platform for landfill monitoring with drones

“Putting the data in the hands of the waste industry has been so positive. It enables the site manager of a landfill site or a waste facility to sit there and check the volumes themselves and really evaluate what’s been happening on their site.”

James Rennie

Australian UAV

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