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Why Are Site Work Professionals Turning to Drone Surveying?

| 06.06.2022

In a busy environment, like the civil construction and earthworks industries, we understand you don’t have a lot of spare time to evaluate software. However, using 3D drone surveying technology for your site work can help your business solve three common problems and operate more efficiently:

  • More accurate topographical mapping, more often: Using drone survey software like the Propeller Platform allows you to topo your work sites more frequently (up to five times more often, when compared to traditional methods). The accurate data you get gives you a better understanding of your material volumes, so you can make sound decisions about your job sites…the first time…and avoid rework.
  • Better site management: Site surveying with a drone gives you a rock solid source of truth about the cubic yardage of material you need to either bring in or remove from your site. Propeller understands that having this information is essential for earthmoving professionals. Just as a framing contractor wouldn’t hammer nails when hanging drywall with eyes closed, Propeller alleviates the guesswork in earthworks, so you’re ensured of moving dirt (or sand, rocks) with your eyes open.
  • More efficient quantity tracking: Employing drone survey software can eliminate the need to rely solely on truck counts or pick tickets to track the volume of material you’re moving. These traditional methods can yield incorrect material measurements, which can lead to inaccurate billing. Using a solution like the Propeller Platform will help you maximize your revenue and ensure you’re compensated for the material volumes you move. 

Ready to learn more in a Propeller demo?

Perhaps you’ve already researched Propeller and want to learn more about our platform? You’re ready for a demonstration, but you have questions. How long will it take? What do they need to know about my business? What questions do I have? Here’s what you can expect.

Your demo of Propeller will be custom-fit to your specific business needs. This approach enables us to address whatever problem you are trying to solve, which means you’ll learn exactly how we can help you and bring value to your operations. 

Consider our first meeting more of a consultation, like a doctor’s initial visit with a patient. Before making a treatment recommendation, he or she has to ask a number of questions. Similarly, asking good questions and hearing about your earthworks operations, we’re looking for clues and signs where Propeller can provide opportunities for efficiencies that can save your business money and time.

Propeller customer, Fiore & Sons

Preparing for your demo 

Since we’ll start by getting to know your organization and what drives your business, be prepared to tell us about what you do and how you function as an organization. If you have a specific issue you’re trying to solve or a process you’d like to improve, plan to share that too. We’ll then be able to customize your demo experience to suit your specific needs. Also, determine who on your team should attend the demo. Typically, your survey manager, project manager, foreman, and/or superintendent will be important stakeholders for this conversation, but others may choose to join as well.

What can I expect during my Propeller demo? 

During a demo, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your company’s scope of work, we will break Propeller down into two key areas: surveying and site management. We understand that earthworks professionals have a varying degree of knowledge when it comes to surveying worksites with a drone. So, we aim to fill in any knowledge gaps and explain how Propeller’s analytics work for surveying and managing sites in the civil construction, mining, aggregates, and waste management industries.

You will gain a better understanding of how Propeller solves the problem of not being able to topo your site as often as you’d like and how it allows you to track the material volumes you move. In short, the Propeller demo will explain to you “why” you should be doing this.

We’ll also explain how you can share your data across your organization. This helps streamline processes so your key project stakeholders are not reliant upon someone else to provide them with the data they need. They can go directly into Propeller and obtain it themselves. It’s really that simple and straightforward.

We’ll put you in touch with current Propeller customers

A question we often get during demos is, “Who else is using your platform and what value are they getting out of it?” Hearing from your fellow colleagues is very meaningful, and we have customer references ready and willing to chat with you about the impact Propeller has had on their business and how they implemented the new technology across their teams. We will schedule time for you to meet with customers, so you get your questions answered and know that you’re making the right decision.

3D map

Taking the guesswork out of surveying with drone technology

Soon, all site work will be documented and surveyed using drones. Many industry leaders have already invested in drone surveying to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market. By using a platform like Propeller, earthworks professionals can create very accurate estimates, track progress, and make data-driven decisions about their site in real time. Propeller’s workflow also allows them to more closely collaborate with team members, which improves efficiency.

When we meet with you, our main goal is to learn about “a day in the life” of your business, first. Then, knowing your operations, we’re able to show you how Propeller can help you better manage your survey needs and be more productive.

Looking to start or upgrade your drone surveying program? Check out what Propeller has to offer and schedule a live demo with us.

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