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Construction Software Solutions That Can Help Your Business

| 11.03.2022

How can businesses in the construction industry remain competitive in today’s market? Construction professionals around the world are finding it necessary to adopt more efficient workflows to overcome unprecedented challenges including increased demand, labor shortages, sustainability concerns, and more. 

With the appropriate construction management tools, infusing technology into your day-to-day operations can help your team achieve its current and future goals. Read on to learn about some construction management software options that are helping construction teams make projects safer, more sustainable and more profitable.

What is construction management software

Construction management software is a technology solution to track construction projects and automate and streamline operations. This allows construction and earthworks companies to enhance their worksite productivity as well as improve collaboration across operational areas and with external project stakeholders.

3D modeling and design technology

Forward-looking firms are integrating 3D modeling technology into their construction project workflows to improve safety and sustainability on their job sites, track progress, and achieve better lead times for future work. In many cases, 3D modeling software is useful for the entire project lifecycle, enabling better project planning and decision making. Select 3D modeling and design platforms include:

  • Propeller Aero: Propeller’s all-in-one drone survey platform is the leader in 3D mapping and data analytics. Key features include cloud-based access, visual project timelines, and measurable 3D site surveys. Construction managers are integrating the Propeller Platform into their day-to-day operations to improve safety, sustainability, and increase revenues with each project.
  • AutoCad: Since 1989, AutoCad has been an integral software solution for construction companies around the world. This affordable solution can be used in all stages of construction projects—from planning to solving a full range of design issues.
earthworks on a construction site

Construction project management software solutions

In today’s competitive construction market, there’s no room for error when it comes to decision-making. Autodesk and Raken are just two of the easy-to-use construction project management software solutions that connect what’s happening on the jobsite to the decisions being made in the office:

  • Autodesk: Autodesk BIM 360 is helping general contractors save money by improving efficiencies in remote collaboration and increasing overall productivity. Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis and features include document management, safety management, and the ability to track project progress.
  • Raken: Looking for a construction project management tool that can support day-to-day workflows on your jobsite? Raken’s affordable, flexible platform features daily reporting modules to provide on-demand progress tracking and project summaries that can be shared with the entire project team.  

Bidding and estimating

The construction process begins well before boots and wheels ever hit the ground on a jobsite, and accurate bidding and estimating is key to managing a successful project. Bidding and estimating software platforms, such as STACK and Esticom, are enabling construction project managers to submit more comprehensive bids within today’s challenging landscape:

  • STACK: Featuring document management; quantity and material takeoff; project reporting; and a complete estimating toolbox, STACK is an innovative bidding platform that serves construction businesses of all sizes, from individual contractors to very large construction firms. STACK allows teams to create accurate estimates and manage bids, and it comes preloaded with common material, labor, and equipment costs that make it easy for project managers to develop accurate job costing and competitive bids.
  • Esticom: To create a comprehensive bid, contractors need accurate pre-construction insights to determine their material expenditures, labor costs, and other significant expenses potentially involved in a prospective project. Esticom is a cloud based software tool for planning and estimating that includes helpful project templates, a CRM dashboard, and deadline tracking.

Give your construction business a competitive edge

Ready to build efficiencies into your day-to-day workflows? Finding the best construction management software for you can help address the many challenges involved in construction management processes. In many cases, it’s not about finding one single platform to support your operations, but rather combining a variety of solutions to achieve your current and future goals. 

Whether you’re looking to scale up to meet demand, or want to promote safety and sustainability goals on the job site, examine your company’s pain points and then determine which software solutions can work best for you. 

Interested in learning more about Propeller’s 3D mapping solution for your worksites? Let’s talk.

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