Meet Your Salesperson: Cam Bentley

Get to know Propeller’s world-class team in our new, ongoing employee spotlight series. Today, we talk to Cam Bentley, who serves as a sales engineer and is based out of our Denver, Colorado, office.

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What do you do at Propeller?

I’m a sales engineer and part of the sales team; my territory is the middle and western parts of North America. I run potential customers through software demos, set up demo environments in the Propeller Platform, and tailor each demonstration to the customer so they can see the value of these tools for their work.

I also work closely with customer success, serving as the technical expert on all things Propeller and how the Platform operates.  


What’s your career background?

My background is in GIS. I studied environmental science at the University of Denver as an undergrad. I minored in GIS and followed that path as far as I could with a number of different internships—many with the federal government.

Then I got a job with a land management company doing oil and gas mapping, followed by a stint with a telecommunications company mapping their fiber network. Then I moved to Trimble as a business analyst on their land administration team, which is where I first heard of Propeller through their partnership with Trimble. I enjoy working with customers to identify how a solution can help improve their business.


Before working at Propeller, what’s the strangest or most interesting job you’ve held?

I’ve mostly worked at very normal places, but I was a caddy at a golf course for a long time. It was a very nice club with a bunch of very rude people, but they paid well.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with an older sister and younger brother and two parents. I lived in Pennsylvania through high school, before moving to North Carolina and then finally to Denver.


If you could be any piece of worksite equipment, what would you be?

The drone. I’ve always wanted to fly. It’s always been my superpower of choice. I want to see things from above and fly through the air and get a unique perspective.


Any fun facts, talents, or secret superpowers to share?

I’ve had over 450 stitches in my life from numerous different accidents. From cracking my head open when I was a toddler to splitting open my right shin a few times to jumping in a super shallow part of the ocean where someone told me it was safe, there have been a lot.


If you could attend any professional sports game, what would it be and why?

As much as I’d love to see a Chelsea vs. Manchester United match—a huge rivalry game I grew up watching because my sister’s name is Chelsea—I have to say the World Cup. I’d love to see the US play, but that’s never a guarantee, so I wouldn’t care about who was actually playing as long as I was there.


What’s your favorite Propeller memory?

When a then-new SDR came running out of a meeting saying we were going to close a deal in a week. Everyone was skeptical and Richo even wrote the claim on the wall of the Thunderdome (one of our glass-walled meeting rooms) to hold them to it. It came true!


If you could do any job on a worksite for just one day, which would you choose?

I’d drive a bulldozer and move a bunch of dirt. I mean, you grow up using those tools in the sandbox—it’d be fun to use them on a mass scale. If I could pick the type of project, I’d really like to do the earthwork for a sports stadium construction project.


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