Meet Your Salesperson: Matthew McCullough

Get to know Propeller’s world-class team in our new, ongoing employee spotlight series. Today, we talk to Matthew McCullough, who serves as a sales development representative and is based out of our Denver, Colorado, office.

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What do you do at Propeller?

I am an SDR—sales development representative. I handle all incoming leads as well as do prospecting to determine good potential customers, and pass those forward to the salespeople. I cover the Midwest and the Great Lakes regions in the US. Basically, I’m one of the first people you’ll talk to if you’re interested in using Propeller on your site.


What’s your career background?

I’ve jumped around a little bit. My degree is in civil engineering from Mississippi State. My first job out of college was in the oil field, where I did petroleum engineering work. I left that in the downturn of 2015 and moved into a more general civil engineering role, which I hated. So I went into sales, then ended up at Propeller after that.


Before working at Propeller, what’s the strangest or most interesting job you’ve held?

Definitely strangest given my career background and my degree is that I’ve worked in a luxury men’s store in Dallas. We’re talking sport coats and suits that cost multiple thousands of dollars. Most things were handmade in Italy. That was my last job and first experience in sales. I loved it; it was a lot of fun. The hours were brutal though.


Where did you grow up?

Columbus, Mississippi, born and raised. If you drew a line straight down from Memphis, Tennessee, it’s two hours south. I grew up eating all the unhealthy food you associate with Mississippi as well as some of the world’s best barbecue.


If you could be any piece of worksite equipment, what would you be?

It’s got to be a huge excavator. I know that’s what everyone says, but I don’t know if there’s even a good reason for it. That seems like it’d be the coolest one to operate.


Any fun facts, talents, or secret superpowers to share?

My superpower is finding out where the best Mexican food is in any given city.


What’s one of the hardest things about your job?

Adapting to a new technology. What we offer here isn’t difficult, but it can be difficult to convey the full extent of such a visual software over the phone. My background lends to having a bit of credence to the engineering and surveying aspects, but not everyone is coming from the same place.


If you could attend any professional sports game past or present, what would it be and why?

I’m a big soccer fan and my favorite team is Chelsea out of London. So the Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich in Germany in 2012 would be ideal.


If you could do any job on a worksite for just one day, which would you choose?

A project manager for a mine. I like talking to people, I like seeing what the day-to-day operations are like on a worksite. A mine would be really interesting. I’ve spent my fair share of time on oil and gas sites and civil construction sites, so something a bit different would be fun to spend some time on.


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