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Two Sides of Propeller Support: Exploring the People and Tech Behind Our Customers and Products

| 13.05.2022

If you were to ask 10 customers why they love Propeller, you’d probably get 10 variations of the same answer—industry leading tech that helps them do their job better, and Propeller’s amazing support. 

Our support model consists of multiple, specialized teams, as well as intuitive, on-demand training and support tools. We continually invest in these resources, ensuring a robust library of information and easy access to live support. 

“Propeller’s Customer Success team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our customers understand how to get the most value from Propeller’s hardware and software,” commented Margaret Farmakis, Vice President, Customer Solutions. “Whether we’re providing onboarding and training, helping customers achieve high-accuracy as part of their drone flights, troubleshooting hardware issues our customers are experiencing in the field, reviewing new software features, or highlighting the many ways that customers can benefit from the data and insights in our platform, our primary focus is our customers’ success and satisfaction.” 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key ingredients to Propeller support.

Free, on-demand training and support 

PropellerU is our on-demand library of video-based training modules. Customers can learn about drone surveying and the Propeller Platform at their convenience. PropellerU courses are packed with useful information to help plan missions, collect accurate survey data, and measure what’s happening on a worksite. Every Propeller user has access to PropellerU and can watch (or rewatch) these short videos at any time. Plus, users can test their knowledge via interactive quizzes on the content. 


Propeller’s Knowledge Base is a mobile-friendly database of more than 500 help articles and videos, available to customers within the Propeller Platform and on the Propeller website. This resource is designed to be easily searchable, enabling customers to quickly find the information they need in the field or from the office. We are constantly adding new content to cover a wide range of frequently asked hardware and software questions.

Propeller Knowledge Base

Propeller Assist is an interactive, self-assist tool that is embedded directly in the Propeller Platform, packed with robust support content that helps users find answers to their most common questions. If the answer isn’t immediately found, customers can connect with a member of our support team directly from the tool.

Platform training webinars are offered on a regular basis, every two weeks (alternating between US and APAC time zones) to train customers on the Propeller Platform. Topics may cover things like how to inspect survey data, use the measurement tools, and export data from the platform. Each webinar concludes with a live Q&A with our Customer Success team to answer any questions.

Propeller’s Global Support Teams

Data Success: Our data success team is composed of geospatial specialists, quality assurance engineers, and product engineers who are available by chat 24/7 and can help with survey, accuracy, or dataset processing questions. 

Customer Success Engineers: Our team of drone surveying experts are available during local business hours and will help answer your software questions, assist with mission planning and ground control and ensure that you’re getting maximum value from Propeller’s products.

“We have an amazing, globally-dispersed team of experts with a wide-range of technical, customer-facing and industry-specific skills, including: drone surveying, civil construction, civil engineering, landfill management, GIS, customer support, eLearning and training, mechanical engineering and more. In addition, every member of the team has their country-specific drone license and has been certified in Customer Success communication best practices,” Margaret added. 

Hardware Support: Our team of hardware specialists are available during local business hours to assist with any drone or AeroPoint issues customers may experience in the field. Some common challenges this team solves are related to activation or registrations, calibrations, mission settings, warranties, or troubleshooting usage. 

“Our Hardware Support team is world class,” commented Richard Hordern-Gibbings, Director, Hardware, Channel and Partnerships at Propeller. “There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a hardware issue in-field. Our team calmly and efficiently helps customers diagnose and correct issues to get them working again. In the rare cases where a resolution can’t be found, our team provides some tips and best practices to avoid similar incidents in the future—prevention is always the best option!”

Propeller offers end-to-end support for global earthworks companies

End-to-End Support for Our Global Earthworks Customers 

Delivering high quality drone data technology to our customers is only a portion of the service we provide. The ongoing support from live conversations and on-demand resources is what truly sets us apart as not just another technology vendor, but a true partner in drone survey accuracy and usability. 

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